Sexy Stainless Steel Pool Slide for Smaller Areas. Splinter Works new Cyma Slide.

splinter works cyma pool slide

Given our obsession with everything pool related, we were really excited to learn that Splinter Works, a product design firm whose carbon fiber Vessel tub and gorgeous pool slides we’ve shared with you before, has come out with a smaller sized stainless steel pool slide designed for use in a smaller space.

Splinter Works Cyma Slide

splinter works slide

Swimming pools were once a luxury exclusively for the rich with sprawling acreage. Over the past few decades smaller swimming pools as well as lap lanes and splash pools have grown in popularity. With less real estate available as the population continues to grow, people are putting stylish in-ground pools and above ground container pools in more confined areas with smaller yards or smaller indoor rooms such as Urban apartments, City rooftops, Townhouse gardens and courtyards.

The Cyma is their smallest slide, offered in two heights and designed to take up less deck space. Like any Splinter Works stainless steel pool slide, it’s custom made, crafted by hand and intelligently designed. The Cyma can just be brought in and bolted to your existing deck.

A curling ribbon of steel that deposits you safely into the pool below. Its organic shape and highly polished surface reflect the surroundings and light, changing with every season. It’s truly beautiful from every angle.

How Do They Stay cool?

The Cyma installed in a home in Atlanta, Georgia

I know what you’re thinking; it’s made of stainless steel won’t it get crazy hot? Nope, Splinter Works slides are as smartly designed and they are beautiful. A proprietary cooling system works in three ways to ensure the slides’ safe use, in even the hottest conditions.

indoor pool slides

First, the slides are built with micro jets of water set 15cm apart that cool the entire sliding surface, keeping it constantly cool and slippery. The jets also spray the steps which have strong foot grip tape so they get cool but remain safe and easy to climb.

Micro jets spraying recycled pool water along the slide to keep it cool (shown on the Reflex slide)

Secondly, water recycled through the pool’s filter system runs through both the entire handrail and the internal handles placed on the steps, keeping both cool to the touch.

Lastly, the highly polished surface was designed to keep from dulling or oxidizing, reflecting the majority of the sun, keeping it cooler than you might expect.

Crafted in marine-grade mirror polished steel, the cost of the Cyma includes delivery but not installation. Perfectly proportioned for today’s living solutions, the Cyma stainless steel pool slide starts at $70,000 USD.

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