Oh My Gourd: A Stop Motion Pumpkin Carving Experiment

Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkin together have carved and photographed dozens and dozens and dozens of pumpkins to make this little piece of Halloween stop-motion animation, “Oh My Gourd.” Read more

Fresh Guacamole, The Follow Up to Spaghetti Western by Adam Pesapane, aka PES.

Fresh Guacamole by PES

The latest stop-motion short, Fresh Guacamole by PES aka Adam Pesapane, is a feast for the eyes. The follow-up to his Spaghetti Western is a claymation stop motion film in which he crafts homemade guacamole from random household objects, ever-changing during the preparation. Read more

Marcel The Shell Sequel, Book, Activity Kit and Mobile Apps Continue The Cuteness.

Marcel the Shell Sequel

I was thrilled to learn that director/writer Dean Fleischer-Camp and comedienne, writer (and Marcel’s voice) Jenny Slate have produced another short film starring the lovable and quirky Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. Read more

What’s That Weird Hand Dance Video? Meet Irish Dancers Cleary & Harding.

This wacky and mesmerizing video has been rapidly climbing the viral charts since its debut on YouTube four months ago. A strange song accompanies a man and a woman at a table in front of an oddly decorated wall engaging in a choreographed ‘hand dance.’

What is it? Who are these people? If these questions have plagued you like they did me, read on.


It turns out that this video, We Speak No Americano, is from Up & Over It, self-described as “Irish Dance for the Post-pop generation.” A collaboration between Suzanne Cleary, Peter Harding and Jonny Reed, Up & Over It aims to stretch the concept of Irish Dance to its limits.


The duo spent four years with Riverdance, after which they toured with Magic of the Dance where they were quickly appointed artistic directors. They now perform as Up & Over It for live audiences and has created a series of videos of their performances as well as some multimedia films produced by Puck Productions.

Here’s a few more of their videos for you.

Cleary & Harding live in Cardiff 2010, Music: Frankmusik – 3 Little Words:

A multimedia production for Up & Over It Spring 2010:

Here’s a reel of behind the scenes, outakes and ‘bloopers’ if you will. Compiled by Johnny reel they call it their “Best Bits” and it really endears you to Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding:

Up & Over It

Meet Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.

meet marcel the shell with shoes on

If you haven’t yet met Marcel, you’re missing out. So let me introduce you. Read more

Miniature Mid-Century Architectural Models for Chillout Sessions XI & XII

Miniature mid-century architectural models
above: An homage to Frank Lloyd Wright in miniature graced the Chillout Sessions XII CD cover

Designer Andrew van der Westhuyzen of Collider has created album/CD covers and designs for Australia’s Ministry of Sound for years. For music compilations, Chillout Sessions XI and XII, he combined several of my favorite things – music, architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Swimming pools, and miniatures. The results are little worlds of escapism that when photographed and filmed up close have a tilt-shift look. Read more

16w21 Apartments By Zac Posen Get Dolled Up In Their New Ad Campaign.

16w21 Apartments By Zac Posen ad campaign


To promote designer Zac Posen‘s new residential loft apartments, 16 west 21st street in New York (referred to as 16w21), Imagination NYC created an ad campaign using 12″ articulated dolls as the main characters to represent the hip, urban, sophisticated “Model Life.” Read more

Newly Released Fantastic Mr. Fox Trailer And Tons Of Never Before Seen Stills!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

One of my personal favorite writers and film directors, Wes Anderson, who directed Rushmore and Bottle Rocket and wrote The Royal Tenenbaums, has reinterpreted the Roald Dahl classic (along with Noah Baumbach), the Fantastic Mr. Fox, into a stop motion animated movie set to be released in the US on November 13th, 2009. There is to be a premiere in London in October. Read more