Fresh Guacamole, The Follow Up to Spaghetti Western by Adam Pesapane, aka PES.

Fresh Guacamole by PES

The latest stop-motion short, Fresh Guacamole by PES aka Adam Pesapane, is a feast for the eyes. The follow-up to his Spaghetti Western is a claymation stop motion film in which he crafts homemade guacamole from random household objects, ever-changing during the preparation.

Fresh Guacamole by PES

If you never saw his most famous stop motion video, Spaghetti Western, which won several awards including *2009 Sundance Film Festival Winner, *TIME Magazine voted #2 Viral Video of the Year and the *2009 Audience Award, Annecy Animation Festival, watch it below:

PES is one person, not a film collective or a production company.

“Clicking on a PES film is to open a safe and suddenly see a million ideas glittering and exploding,” says Director Michel Gondry. “The only reason you close the door is to re-open it just after and discover what will pop this time.” – Paste Magazine

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