2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners

Once again, London’s Natural History Museum has honored the top Wildlife Photographers of the Year with their winning picks in several categories ranging from animal behavior to underwater photography. In addition to the winners, selected from over 48,000 entries from 100 countries, they have recognized several “highly commended” photographs as well. Read more

Beauty In Tragedy: Photos of The California Wildfires

A malfunctioning sign in Santa Rosa spells out an eerie message one day after the Tubbs Fire devastated the Wine Country. photo: Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group

You can’t get away from the photographs of the wildfires that have been decimating areas of Northern California. They’re everywhere; images of burning hills, billowing smoke, destroyed homes, frightened animals and exhausted firefighters. Although they are non-discriminatingly narrating California’s most tragic natural disaster to date, there’s a certain beauty to be found within them. Read more

Thanksgiving As Seen Through The Lens Of 25 Eminent Photographers.

Thanksgiving photos by famous photographers
Burt Glinn, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1992

A Thanksgiving feast for the eyes. Today I wanted to share with you fabulous images of Thanksgiving family dinners, turkeys and parades taken by some of the world’s foremost photographers. Read more

37 Years Of The Brown Sisters. Four Sisters Photographed Annually From 1975 – 2012.

Nicholas Nixon, who teaches at Massachusetts College of Art, is one of the most celebrated American photographers of our generation. Among the most compelling of his series of photographs are the portraits he has made of his close-knit family which, taken over time, explore the nature of long-committed relationships. His Brown Sisters series features an ongoing sequence of celebrated portraits of his wife, Bebe, and her three sisters; Heather, Mimi and Laurie. Read more

Photographer Alejandro Cartagena Captures Car Poolers In Mexico.

alejandro cartagena carpoolers

The Carpoolers in Mexico is a project by photographer Alejandro Cartagena that takes a peek into the world of flatbed trucks that carry Mexican workers to their jobs. Shown last week at Kopeikin Gallery’s booth at Miami Project (and earlier this summer at the Kopeikin Gallery), the photographs reveal intimate glimpses of laborers in the beds of the trucks, heading to or from the massive, low-quality housing complexes being built close to the country’s border with the U.S. Read more

30 Pieces of Poignant and Uncensored Art by US War Veterans.

uncensored art by war veterans at if its hip its here
above: Autobiography (02) by Maurice Costello

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I wanted to share with you some moving pieces of sculpture and art by US War Veterans. Read more

Fine Art Prints Of Stanley Kubrick Photos Available For The First Time. 25 Fabulous Images.

11327_66cm_ 019

I’ve always been a huge fan of the directorial and writing work of Stanley Kubrick, as witnessed by this comprehensive post I wrote on an exposition of his work earlier this year. Read more

The 30 Photographers To Watch In 2010

above photo by Eman Mohammed

Photo District News has just published their picks for 2010 Choice of New and Emerging Photographers to Watch and there’s certainly a lot of wonderful talent out there. Take a look. Read more