The Ravenscroft Desk by Leonhard Pfeifer

Characterized by functionality, essential form and purity of materials, the Ravenscroft desk by Leonhard Pfeifer was designed to look striking from any angle so it could sit in the middle of a room instead of pushed up against a wall. Read more

Allê Design’s Whimsical Hybrid Furniture Collection Made Of Methacrylate.

Brazilian design and manufacturing firm allê have released a series of new pieces in their Hybrid collection. Designed by José Marton, the striped lamps, side and coffee tables, follow the success of their ‘Entrelinhas’ range seen at this year’s 100% Design. All made from Methacrylate, the pieces are a quirky, fun use of their unique manufacturing process.

above: Designer José Marton with his Hybrid mirror and table

In addition, the range partially uses waste product from other designs in the allê range and in turn any waste from Hybrid is re-used. This is in keeping with allê’s remit to produce 0% waste in their manufacturing process.

The collection is called Hybrid, as some of the pieces have a dual-purpose, whereby a table is also a lamp. A wall mirror has a shelf, a coffee table has a built-in vase. The pieces appear as one moulded form, without any joins or seams.

The collection is made of Methacrylate®, a durable, stain resistant, flexible acrylic, which is 100% recyclable. The product can be produced in up to 60-colours in transparent or opaque finishes.

The allê range is available from a range of stockists, including:
The Silvia Nayla Gallery

Currently Chaplins and Silvia Nayla are the only ones to carry the Hybrid collection.

Alle Designs

It’s A Stool. It’s A Chair. It’s A Chool! New Seating From Slam.

chool seat hero IIHIH

The Chool is a new concept in modern seating. A combination stool and a chair in one (hence the name), designed by James Lucas for Slam. Read more

Steel, Wood & Acrylic Coffee Tables from Square Root Industries

In 2009, Todd Leowy founded Square Root Industries in Portland, Oregon. He combined his design sensibilities and creativity with an engineering degree, and as a result designs and fabricates high-end modern furniture for both commercial and residential clients.

His coffee table collection for Square Root Industries combines laser cut steel in white, black, or powder coated colors (and sometimes photography) with various woods and is then covered with a clear acrylic top, creating uniquely modern mixed medium pieces of functional furniture. With all their pieces, you can customize top design, size, and color.

Square Root Industries Coffee Table Collection:

Computer sketches of some of the options combining white or black steel and woods:

Other designs utilize color or photography:

You can also have custom designs created for you.

About Square Root Industries:

With a foundation built on creativity and engineering, Square Root Industries blurs the line which too often separates art and function. By combining multiple mediums including metal, wood, acrylic, photography, powder coating, and glass, each table mixes colors and imagery to create a unique and functional piece of furniture. Each table is designed and fabricated in Portland, Oregon and can be customized to fit your design needs.

You can purchase the above and/or custom tables at their etsy store.

When Computers And Classics Collide: Sebastian Brajkovic’s Lathe Furniture

Lathe Furniture by Sebastian Brajkovic

Last Spring, Carpenters Workshop Gallery had a showing of Sebastian Brajkovic’s collection of work, entitled Lathe. The exhibit consisted of a series of several chairs and one aluminum table, all of which combine classic furniture design with computer inspired ‘stretching’ to create a modern interpretation of antique style furniture. Read more

The Babycotpod Cascara. A Modern Carrying Cocoon-like Bassinet.

babycotpot cascara

The Cascara, due out in September 2010, is a new modern baby bassinet dreamt up by daddy and design engineer, 33 yr old. Shaun Milburn of Babycotpod. Read more

The Trendy-Tub: Recycled Storage Containers Become Furniture & More

The latest creation from Gérard Dumora and Jacqueline Lauth of Pacific Art Design is a smart and artful re-purposing of basic cardboard and galvanized steel tubs. Read more

Lace Goes Modern In A New Collaboration from Etsprit and Momantai Design

Lace etched steel furniture

The newest collaboration of Roel van Hove of Etsprit and Ulrike Jurklies of Momantai Design. combines modern technological production with traditional furniture. Read more