The Babycotpod Cascara. A Modern Carrying Cocoon-like Bassinet.

babycotpot cascara

The Cascara, due out in September 2010, is a new modern baby bassinet dreamt up by daddy and design engineer, 33 yr old. Shaun Milburn of Babycotpod.

Babycotpod Cascara Crib Bassinet

Babycotpod Cascara Crib Bassinet

Designed to feature a permanent hood and retractable carrying handle, it also has built-in grab handles for lifting on and off the ‘Tang’ stand, which is available either in wood or molded plastic.

Babycotpod Cascara Crib Bassinet

The retractable handle folds down to fit within the interior:
modern crib and bassinet

And when not being carried, the Cascara can be safely placed on the Tang stand.

bassinet and stand

Babycotpod Cascara Crib Bassinet

The interior fabric lining the bassinet will be available in a range of colors and will be completely removable and washable.

Babycotpod Cascara Crib Bassinet


According to Babyology, the company will also be introducing a less expensive model named the Cuba, which will will not have the hood or retractable carrying handle, but feature the same cocoon-like looks and style with the built-in grab handles.

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