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The Paintings of Jamie Perry : Observing Art, Dogs and Swimming Pools

One look at artist Jamie Perry’s Instagram feed and I was hooked. The fact that his most oft painted subjects are three things with which I’m obsessed: Dogs, people looking at art and swimming pools, it’s no wonder.

Jamie Perry Contemporary Paintings

paintings of dogs
The artist’s feet resting in front of his recently completed “Traveling Companions” 36”x36” acrylic on canvas, photo: @jamieperryart

Jamie’s minimalist, retro style, high contrast lighting and choice of color palette reminds us of the work of two other artists we admire, Kenton Nelson and Jessica Brilli, both of whom also feature paintings with similar subject matter.

paintings of people and dogs
“Itinerary” 24”x24” acrylic on canvas

People have often remarked on my own art collection that the paintings I tend to acquire are a bit lonely or melancholy in feeling. More often than not, the subject is alone, with their back to the viewer or their face obscured, and there is a quiet wistfulness to the work. Jaime’s art has that same gestalt.

painting of man with dog
Jamie Perry, “Storm Watchers” 36”x36”, acrylic on canvas

He is another artist who likes to observe the observer like these artists or this one

contemporary art
“SleepySunday #4”. 36×36 Acrylic on Canvas
jaime perry chaos and calm
Chaos & Calm #4” 48”x48” acrylic on canvas
jaime perry “Head in the Clouds” 30”x30” acrylic on canvas
“Head in the Clouds” 30”x30” acrylic on canvas

An obvious dog lover, the artist’s French Bulldog Ace is not only an inspiration, but the subject in several of his works.

french bulldog paintings
“Studio Dog” 30”x30” acrylic on canvas
studio dog Ace
The brown and white French bulldog seen in many of his works is the artist’s Studio dog, Ace. photo @jamieperryart
jaime perry
“The Greeting” 24”x48” acrylic on canvas
“Destinations lll”, acrylic on canvas
“Moving On” 58×58, oil on canvas (available as an art print)

Artist’s Statement
“Most of my paintings are comprised of two main elements…light and space. A solitary subject illuminated on a vast plane of darkness invites the viewer to feel a sense of isolation, but at the same time, warmth and safety in the light, with freedom to move about in the seemingly boundless space.

No Running, Jumping or Diving 53×53 ,acrylic on canvas
figurative paintings
“American Flyer” 48”x48” acrylic on canvas

An open road leading to a vanishing point symbolizes the future, and the journey that we all take to get there. My aim is to create work that evokes sentimental feelings in the viewer, and transcends them to a place where life is simple and unobstructed.” – Jaime Perry

jaime perry paintings
The Modernist “ 36”x36” acrylic and oil on canvas

Jaime’s work is available through CK Contemporary, and the Coda Gallery.

“Sleepy Sunday”, oil on canvas

Follow him on Instagram @jamieperryart

Jamie Perry

all images courtesy of the artist