Pierre et Gilles: Factory of Idols At The Philharmonie de Paris

Designed as a musical and visual installation, and curated by Milan Garcin, this exposition at Paris’ Musee de la Musique explores the universe of Pierre & Gilles through an assembly of more than a hundred of their photo-paintings of celebrities and icons, complete with a an online playlist, a host of objects and video documents. Read more

5 Years Later, A Look Back At the Weirdest Michael Jackson Moments.


It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the King Of Pop moon-walked out of our lives. His music continues to live on both in its original form as well as its influence on many music artists today. But it’s hard to ignore some of the weirdest Michael Jackson moments in his too short of a life. These are probably the pictures he’d most like you to forget. Read more

The Bottle Boys Cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean Blows. Literally.

Bottle Boys cover Billie jean

Climbing the viral video charts today is Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean performed entirely on beer bottles by the appropriately named Bottle Boys (or in their native tongue, Flaskedrengene). Read more

Eye Popping Pill Portraits of Celebrities Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger & More.

jason mecier pill portraits

Get a load of Jason Mecier’s portraits of celebrities Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Witney Houston, Courtney Love and Kelly Osbourne made with actual pills. While it’s true that some of these subject’s undoing was the medium itself, others, like Kelly Osbourne have successfully kicked the habit. Either way, these are interesting homages to them. Read more