The Bottle Boys Cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean Blows. Literally.

Bottle Boys cover Billie jean

Climbing the viral video charts today is Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean performed entirely on beer bottles by the appropriately named Bottle Boys (or in their native tongue, Flaskedrengene). Thanks to some social media sharing by Ellen DeGeneres, the video from the Copenhagen-based five man group, using their new ‘double bottle technique’ is rapidly spreading through cyberspace.
double bottle tchnique bottle boys IIHIH

And below is the original music video of Michael Jackson performing Billie Jean. © 1982 MJJ Productions Inc.:

About Flaskedrengene:
The Bottle Boys 3 IIHIH
The Bottle Boys are five guys from Copenhagen (Christopher Bogár, Philipp Brodersen, Johannes Ettrup, Kaspar Frederiksen, Martin B. Handberg) who make music by, you guessed it, blowing into beer bottles. They’ve covered many pop songs such as Walking On Sunshine, Talk Dirty, Call Me Maybe, Under The Sea and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, to name a few. The group posts a new video every last Monday of the month (BOTTLE MONDAY) on their YouTube channel and have made several appearances on television shows.
The Bottle Boys 2 IIHIH
Interested in booking them for your next shindig? Contact their general manager at [email protected]