New Stainless Steel Memobottle Improves Upon What Was Already Great.

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Seven years ago we introduced you to a revolution in water bottle design. The first environmentally-friendly, non-cylindrical water bottle, the A5 Memobottle, with a unique flat design for easy use and transport in messenger bags, suitcases, airplane pockets, briefcases, back pockets and more.

Stainless Steel Memobottle

The guys behind memobottle have plussed their previous product. They’ve introduced an evolution of the reusable bottle with a new version in stainless steel and the Kickstarter response is overwhelming. Within 48 hours of launching the product on the crowdfunding platform, their goal of $20,000 was reached over six-fold! That’s proof I’m not writing this to solicit help to fund the project, but instead to let you know that it exists and people want it.

A5 SS Memobottle Matte black on greyss memobottle with callouts

The memobottle’s unique, flat, paper-inspired design is now available in satin-finish matte black or white stainless steel. Formed from premium food-grade 304 stainless steel, the new memobottle is stain resistant and easy-to-clean.

memobottle black detailsa5 memobottle black stainless steel

Its luxurious powder-coat in black or white is both delicate to the touch and scratch resistant. Aesthetically, the bottle, with its gentle curves and polished mouthpiece, is beautiful to look at. In any size.

white Stainless Steel memobottle in back pocket

The memobottle’s stain-resistant 304 stainless steel and generously wide mouthpiece makes the memobottle easy to clean. In partnership with Single Use Aint Sexy, the brand will also be launching the memobottle Cleaning Tablet.

But this is more than just a pretty, reusable bottle. The innovative brand has a partnership with, so every memobottle sold provides five months of clean water access to someone in need.  And every memobottle sold diverts an estimated 167 bottles from landfill.

Now available on Kickstarter

memobottle on kickstarter

Visit their crowdfunding campaign page on Kickstarter here to pre-order your Stainless Steel memobottle and get a limited early-bird discount and save up to 25% off (as long as the promotion is ongoing)!

all images and information courtesy of memobottle