Art-Inspired Alter Ego Sculptures by Alessandro Piano

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Artist Alessandro Piano has been in love with the LEGO minifigure bricks since he was a child and has created a career of designing and selling his own resin sculpted versions containing everything from tiny objects to luxury brand logos. Amongst the over 800 he has created are some that stand as a tribute to some of the world’s best-known artists.

Alter Ego Art Sculptures

Alter Ego sculpture, Yayoi Kusama
Alter Ego sculpture, Yayoi Kusama

The artist’s intention behind the pieces he calls “Alter Ego” is to immortalize childhood memories and bring nostalgia back to those born around the 70s while allowing those who were born later to discover a new world of forgotten toys by giving them a fresh restart.

Artist Alessandro Piano in one of his giant brick Minifigs
Artist Alessandro Piano in one of his giant brick Minifigs
Minifigure Books and Calendars
Minifigure Books and Calendars available here 

Having created his first Alter Ego sculpture in 2019, he has continued to create multiple series of 100. Each are signed and numbered resin sculptures measuring approximately 10″ x 6.3″ x 3″ inches  (25cm x 16cm x 8cm). And they tend to sell as soon as he drops them.

Alter Ego Takashi Murakami brick sculpture
Alter Ego sculpture, Takashi Murakami
Alter Ego sculpture, Jeff Koons
Alter Ego sculpture,  KAWS
Alter Ego sculpture, Keith Haring
Alter Ego Rene Magritte resin sculpture
Alter Ego sculpture, Rene Magritte
Alter Ego Robert Indiana Love sculpture
Alter Ego sculpture, Robert Indiana (Love)
Alter Ego sculpture, Piet Mondrian
Alter Ego Andy Warhol (Campbells)
Alter Ego sculpture, Andy Warhol (Campbells)
Alter Ego Roy Lichtenstein sculpture
Alter Ego sculpture, Roy Lichtenstein
alter ego boticelli sculptures
Alter Ego sculpture, Boticelli (sold as a set or individuals)

Material: Resin
Dimensions: 10″ x 6.3″ x 3″ (25cm x 16cm x 8cm)
Signed and numbered by the artist
The Alter Ego sculptures available for purchase can be found here

In addition the sculpted pieces, Alessandro sells Alter Ego prints of his artworks. They all have the artist’s signature on the rear with ALEPIANO Sticker and their progressive number.

The Alter Ego Takashi Murakami Tribute art print

Alessandro Piano

all images courtesy of the artist