You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Shopping Basket. New JAWS Collectibles Have Arrived.

For many of us, the 1975 movie JAWS by Steven Spielberg was life-altering. And it continues to fascinate movie makers and movie goers alike. FunKo has just released a series new JAWS Pop! Vinyls, a new book on the movie’s production design by Joe Alves has just been published and more are now available for fans of the Great White named Bruce.

New JAWS Collectibles

A young Steven Spielberg on the set of JAWS with Bruce the mechanical shark

The new JAWS Funko Pop Vinyls of Chief Brody, Matt Hooper and Quint have been released and are now available for pre-order here!

Quint, Chief Brody and Matt Hooper FunKo Pop! Vinyls

The new book “Designing JAWS” (now available for pre-order here) by Joe Alves will be released on September 10, 2019 and is chock full of terrific anecdotes, set photographs and production sketches.

Original JAWS storyboard by Joe Alves

Joe Alves: Designing JAWS provides the production designer’s view into the development of this world-renowned film. Included are Joe’s stunning pre-production illustrations; handwritten location and production notes; on-set photographs; blueprints of the shark’s design; and first-time publication of his complete catalog of storyboards. Joe Alves: Designing JAWS is a must-have addition to every film reference library.

Joe Alves on location with JAWS 2.

Pre-order the book Designing Jaws by Joe Alves here

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