Francis Ford Coppola’s Three New Limited Edition Wines for Film Lovers

francis ford coppola new director's great movie wines

The collection of Director’s wines were created to honor Francis Ford Coppola’s two great loves: wine and film. The Northern California winery has added to the Director’s family with a new line-up of three limited-edition wines inspired by directors and movies that Francis holds in greatest admiration; King Kong, The Wizard of Oz and JAWS.

Francis Ford Coppola New Director’s Great Movies Wines

coppola movie wines

Each of the three new Director’s Great Movies wine labels feature reproductions of retro-futuristic movie posters by Laurent Durieux*, an artist much admired by Francis.

Laurent Durieux's poster for Coppola's The Godfather
Laurent Durieux’s poster for Coppola’s The Godfather

“Laurent Durieux beautiful work takes poster art to a high level. The images, which are stunningly executed, express ideas and themes of the movies he has chosen in new terms. They communicate much without words, and stand alongside the wonderful tradition of illustrative art.” – FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA

Laurent Durieux's poster for Coppola's Godfather Part II
Laurent Durieux’s poster for Coppola’s Godfather Part II

These wines are set apart from the brand’s original Director’s wines. They are comprised of different blends that feature fruit sourced not just from Sonoma County, but Monterey, Paso Robles, and San Luis Obispo as well. By blending fruit from multiple appellations, they are able to create wines with expressive textural dimension and lush, juicy fruit flavors.

The Wizard of Oz Merlot
Director’s Great Movies Sonoma County & Monterey County Merlot

2014 Merlot from Sonoma County provided this wine with lots of juicy, ripe fruit creating a full mouth of flavor. Monterey’s slightly cooler climate gave us more structured blackberry notes creating a dense but structured Merlot, perfectly blending both appellation’s features.

wine labels wizard of oz
The label is a combination of these two posters by Laurent Durieux

This 2014 Merlot features hints of black plum, tobacco, dark chocolate covered açaí berry, and exotic oak spices. Juicy, ripe plum and blackberry are accentuated on the palate while dark chocolate salted caramel and warm toasted oak lengthens the finish.
$24, buy it here

King Kong Cabernet Sauvignon
Director’s Great Movies Sonoma County & Louis Obispo County Merlot

coppola king kong wine

California’s 2014 harvest featured great fruit development for Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Sonoma gave us structure and ripe juicy fruit, while San Luis Obispo supplied floral notes and red fruit flavors.

king kong poster laurent durieux
The label is a variant of this poster by Laurent Durieux

This wine is highlighted by serious blackberry flavors and a forward tannin structure. Its aroma features warm cedar spice, blackberry pie, foraged wild berries, and toasted marshmallow. It finishes with flavors of creamy toffee and black hibiscus tea.
$24, buy it here

JAWS Chardonnay
Director’s Great Movies Sonoma County & Monterey County Chardonnay

coppola jaws wine

2015 was a great year for Chardonnay around the state, especially in Sonoma and Monterey. Great sun exposure and an early harvest brought fruit in at peak ripeness. Sonoma County’s harvest gave us tropical, ripe pineapple tones, and Monterey County contributed crisp, coastal lemon lime citrus.

JAWS Chardonnay label by Laurent Durieux
JAWS Chardonnay label by Laurent Durieux

This wine exudes flavors of tropical pineapple, aromatic Meyer lemon, and fresh baked shortbread. There is a distinctive floral oak spice with a classic Chardonnay minerality. Creamy, ripe fruit, lemon bar, and shortbread cookies open up the palate with a warm toasted oak finish.
$21, buy it here

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KING KONG and all related characters and elements © RKO Pictures, Inc.
THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements © & ™ Turner Entertainment Co. (s16)

*Laurent Durieux sells some of his stunning posters and prints here