Watch & Warm. A Flat Screen TV And Fireplace In One.

The Scenario from MCZ and Loewe combines sound, image and heat. A fireplace that incorporates a flat screen LCD TV complete with audio speakers.

The front cladding is made of tempered glass with a painted steel shelf and painted black steel framework. Scenario integrates a closed fireplace (either the wood-burning Vivo 90 Wood or the gas burning Forma 95 Gas) and a Loewe 37″ LCD TV complete with two 60 W speakers.

It also comes with a rail for remote controls (which are included for the tv and the gas burning fireplace) and comes in an integrated cabinet for a dvd player or a satellite receiver, etc.

The wood burning Vivo 90:

The gas burning Forma 95:

overall dimensions:
width = 750 mm
length = 2050 mm
Depth = 100 mm

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Modern Home In The Texas Hills With Spillover Pool By Cottam Hargrave.

Modern Home by Cottam Hargrave

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The New Louis Vuitton Bond St. Store, the Art & The Mannequin Retrospective Exhibit

Louis Vuitton Bond St.

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Glass Wall Design Televisions From Plush Department

Glass Wall Design Televisions

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Cyber Style For Your Home (or iDecor For Tech Lovers).

Cyber Style

Nerd alert! Nerd alert!
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Cool Ways To Heat Up: Focus Fireplaces of France

Focus Fireplaces

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