Glass Wall Design Televisions From Plush Department

Glass Wall Design Televisions

New at Plush Department of Amsterdam (the same company about whose fabulous ceramic glazed computers I wrote about here) are these high end modular and wall mount flush glass television screens.

One of the biggest challenges for Plush Department was the perfect integration of the visual interface. Often, tv screens are a disruption of the interior, so they looked at a variety of possible solutions and decided on glass as the perfect material.

The screens are seamlessly integrated into the design while maintaining the highest possible image quality.

The television is mounted behind glass on the wall. Once switched off, the black image area turns into a mirror. The set integrates beautifully into the interior design.

above: the 200cm x 140cm white basic module

above: 175cm x 140cm white wall mount module

above: the 200cm x 140cm black basic module

The Modular Glass Television by Plush Department is a High Definition television of the highest grade with superior image quality and the best possible color representation and sharpness.

You can use one or more modules. If you use several modules the center module contains the television. Of course you can also use several modules each containing a television.

above: 200cm x 140cm black basic module

You can choose between white and black or request special colors. In the near future they intend to extend the line with furniture modules by well known designers.

Plush Department is a division of MR Silent Computing
Dukdalfweg 30
1041BE Amsterdam – Nederland
Tel. +31-(0)20 33 01 345
Email: [email protected]