Cyber Style For Your Home (or iDecor For Tech Lovers).

Cyber Style

Nerd alert! Nerd alert!
Some people just can’t get enough technology in their lives despite their being wired 24/7 to their iPods, iPhones, PDAs, mobile phones, laptops, flip minos and other gadgets.

Cyber Style

For them, there are a few designer and artists satisfying the need for Cyber style for the home, particularly items inspired by Apple products.

First off, the Brazil design studio Meninos makes decor that is reminiscent of home sweet homepage. Doormats, coasters, lampshades, playing cards, magnet kits and mousepads emulate computer software and hardware from many of your favorite gadgets by using the familiar icons as design elements.

iPhone ‘slide to unlock’ and Mac Command Key doormats make a Geek feel welcome.

Icon Pendant Lamps and Shades:
Google map pins, computer keyboard commands, rss feed icon, space invaders and more make for illuminating fun.
Software Icon Pendant Lamps and Shades

iPhone Playing Cards add a new element to your favorite card game:
iphone playing cards

Icon Drink Coasters:
Where to put your beer when playing poker with your iPhone cards?? Why on iPhone coasters, of course.
icon drink coasters
or Adobe Creative Suite coasters:
Adobe Creative Suite coasters

Or other computer icon coasters:
computer icon coasters
Ai and Ps Magnet Kits:
software icon magnet sets

If you hunger for more design, your fridge can now have the same look as your favorite computer software with magnets that replicate the screen tools, windows and interface of Adobe illustrator or Photoshop.

Ps Magnet kit:

Ai magnet kit:

Skate Deck Art:
They even make wall-mountable skateboard decks that are decorated with either Photoshop tools or the Mac scroll button:

To purchase any of the above, shop here.

iPhone bedding:
Yes, some people sleep with their iPhones right next to their head. Now they can snuggle up inside a duvet with the same comforting home page as their cell phone.
iphone bedding

Available from the Swedish retailer, Ellos, it is only available in a twin size and I am not sure if they ship worldwide.

iPod coffee tables (iTables):
ipod coffee tables

These iPod shaped coffee tables (iTables) were initially made by Italian artist and industrial designer Mirko Ginepro for Milan Design Week. Made of Corian, he designed three of the tables; one in yellow, one in white and one in black. He now creates them to order, if you are interested.

iPod coffee table

Dimensions: The iTable is about 47 inches long by 29 inches wide (original measurements: 120 x 75 centimeters) and about 13 inches high.

Colors: It comes in classic white, black or sunny yellow. Each table is a one-of-a kind, made-to-order piece of art.
Contact the artist here to inquire about ordering an iTable.

Apple Table:
Apple table
designed by ilovecode, the apple logo table was a project and is not available for purchase.

Tech Gadget Soaps
How about iPhone, iPod, Palm Pre and Blackberry soaps? Yep, Two Eggplants makes these glycerin based soaps to look just like PDAs, gaming devices, mobile phones, mp3 players and other tech gadgets but they seem to be sold out and not stocking any at present:

Two Eggplants Etsy Store

iPhone icon paperclips:
iphone icon paperclips
bear duck designs paperclips
Handmade by Bear Duck Designs, these are available in small and large sets at their Etsy store here.

Throw Pillows:
I can’t forget my previously blogged about throw pillows by Craftsquatch:

and by My Suite Stuff:

and Throwboy:
learn about throwboy pillows here.

Be sure to check out Apartment Therapy’s Geeky Gifts For The Home, they’ve got a selection of items under $50.

Now I have to go wash my face with my iSoap and get into my iBedding.
Sweet iDreams!