IKEA Puts A Smart Air Purifier In An End Table


Cleverly created to combine air purifying innovations with design, IKEA is launching the STARKVIND their first ‘smart’ air purifier, available both as an end table or as a standalone floor model.


Whether embedded into a wooden end table, or as a stand alone accessory, IKEA has introduced the STARKVIND, combining Swedish style furniture with the latest in technological air filtration.

starkvind air purifiers from ikea iihih

Nestled into a mid-century modern style round end table with splayed wooden legs, The STARKVIND air purifier has five fan speeds and a three-filter system designed to capture big particles, smaller airborne particles and various gaseous pollutants.

Optimized for a room size up to 215 square feet, the STARKVIND can be used on its own, but when connected to the internet, the smart air purifier can be controlled and scheduled via the IKEA Home smart app.

It comes with an auto-mode, which will adjust the fan speed correlated with the amount of PM2.5 in the air with a built-in air quality sensor. That same sensor allows you to check the current air quality with the app.

“For IKEA, the smart home is not about gadgets. It’s about making life and home better through combining our solid home furnishing knowledge with digital solutions and technology.” says Henrik Telander, Product Owner at IKEA of Sweden. “That’s why we explore the possibility of integrating the function of purifying air and technology to provide good experience for customers at home.”

The Stand alone version in grey and black:

Priced at $129 USD for the floor-standalone option and $189 USD for the coffee table, the STARKVIND will be available at IKEA stores in October 2021.

“STARKVIND is a high-performing air purifier. When designing it, we also wanted it to have a modern design which can be adapted to changing lifestyles. People can choose based on their needs and preference.” says Henrik Telander.

STARKVIND air purifier has a 3-filter system. The pre-filter captures big particles such as hair and dust. The filter for particle removal is optimized to filter away approximately 99.5% of smaller airborne particles such as PM2.5 particles, dust, and pollen. The filter for gas cleaning absorbs various gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and other VOCs and reduces unpleasant odours such as from smoking and cooking.

“Clean indoor air is an important factor for health. We know that there is no single solution to solve indoor air pollution. We work long term for positive change, to enable people to purify the air in their home.” says Henrik Telander.

** PM2.5 are small inhalable particles, that measure 0.1-2.5 micrometers.

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