Pizza Hut Delivers Up A Foosball Pizza Box

Foosball Pizza Box

Ogilvy and Pizza Hut of Hong Kong have teamed up to bring the “Foosball Pizza Box” – a specially designed pizza box with a fully playable foosball table integrated into the lid – right into the homes of diners stuck at home during the pandemic. Read more

Bounce – A Footballing Journey Across The Globe In 2.5 Minutes.

Bounce title image 2 IIHIH
Guilaume Blanchet brought a soccer ball with him on his trips around the world and filmed friends and strangers free-styling and footballing to create the short film, BOUNCE. The result is an award-winning* short that combines the things he values most: friendship, traveling, filmmaking, and juggling. Read more

Soccer Balls Don’t Get Much Cooler Than Kube.

Kube collector balls

Kube Collector Balls blend fashion, art and sports in their limited edition sports balls for soccer, rugby and volleyball. Thanks to new production techniques, the great-looking balls are a unique type of leather/PVC alloy that are entirely silk screened with colorful urban and hip imagery. Each season, a new line of balls are manufactured in a limited series of three hundred copies each. Read more

New App and French Fry Boxes. Marvelous McDonald’s Marketing for the 2014 World Cup.

McDonald's Marketing for the 2014 World Cup

One of the best commercials touting the upcoming World Cup is part of a creative and inspiring larger digital push by McDonald’s. Read more