Soccer Balls Don’t Get Much Cooler Than Kube.

Kube collector balls

Kube Collector Balls blend fashion, art and sports in their limited edition sports balls for soccer, rugby and volleyball. Thanks to new production techniques, the great-looking balls are a unique type of leather/PVC alloy that are entirely silk screened with colorful urban and hip imagery. Each season, a new line of balls are manufactured in a limited series of three hundred copies each.

Kube Collector Balls

In honor of the upcoming 2014 World Cup, here are some of their coolest footballs/soccer balls from both the present and past few seasons:
Comics Kube Football IIHIHStreet:
Street Art Kube Football IIHIHPop:
Pop Kube Football IIHIHKollector:
Kollector Kube Football IIHIHDisco ball:
Disco ball Kube Football IIHIHMatisse:
Matisse Kube Football IIHIHSpace Invaders:
Space Invaders Kube Football IIHIHMeka:
Meka Kube Football IIHIHType:
Type Kube Football IIHIHUrban:
Urban Kube Football IIHIHCreative:
Creative Kube Football IIHIHErotic:
Erotic Kube Football IIHIHHeaven:
Heaven Kube Football IIHIHSilhouettes:
Silhouettes Kube Football IIHIHFlowers:
Flowers Kube Football IIHIHFootball:
Fottball Kube Football IIHIHCLVII:
CLVII Kube Football IIHIHSex, Sea and Sun:
Sea sex and sun Kube Football IIHIH

Some of their promotional videos: (sorry, this is the highest resolution they have):
The Only Way:

Just Kube It (free-styling):

To see all of their creative footballs, rugby balls and volleyballs visit their site here  I’m so sorry to report that, as of 2016, Kube no longer seems to exist. (I hate when that happens!)

all images courtesy of Kube