Pizza Hut Delivers Up A Foosball Pizza Box

Foosball Pizza Box

Ogilvy and Pizza Hut of Hong Kong have teamed up to bring the “Foosball Pizza Box” – a specially designed pizza box with a fully playable foosball table integrated into the lid – right into the homes of diners stuck at home during the pandemic.

Foosball Pizza Box

pizza hut foosball box

Ogilvy Hong Kong has extended Pizza Hut’s ‘12th Player Club’ European football season (known as soccer season here in the U.S.) campaign with the “Foosball Pizza Box” – for football fans stuck at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Foosball Pizza Box

“A lot of football fans have been stuck at home during these past few months, so we wanted to bring the fun and flavour to them,” John Koay, ECD for Ogilvy Hong Kong, said in a release.

pizza hut Hong Kong football box

interactive pizza box

“The ’Foosball Pizza Box’ was a great opportunity to remind football fans that pizza goes best with their football,” says Wendy Leung, the marketing director of Pizza Hut.

pizza hut foosbal box 3


“We always want to go above and beyond when catering to our audience and given how fatigued the community has been this year, offering fun beyond just food and bringing an experience like this to life, right in your pizza box, is the perfect way to make people smile.”

pizza box foosball

“The Foosball Pizza Box .. brings together the football action and delicious pizza for a memorable meal experience that you can share with friends.” The campaign runs from October 6 through October 20 with five Foosball Pizza Boxes up for grabs.

Pizza Hut and Ogilvy Hong Kong

To get their hands on a Pizza Foosball table and other exclusive offers, people can download the Pizza Hut App, join the 12th Player Club, and leave a creative comment on the Pizza Hut Hong Kong Facebook page.


Pizza Hut:
Wendy Leung – Marketing Director
Yoyo Lam – Marketing Manager
Karen Shea – Assistant Marketing Manager

Reed Collins – Chief Creative Officer APAC
John Koay – Executive Creative Director
Matthew Nisbet – Executive Creative Director
Amy Cheng – Associate Creative Director
Jo Wong – Senior Art Director
John Koay – Art Director
Alexandra Colgan – Copywriter
Yuliani Setiadi – Executive Group Director
Vincent Lam – Group Account Director
Rachel Tsui – Account Manager

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