Meet Daniele Barresi, The Michelangelo of Fruit and Veggie Carving.

carved fruit and vegetables
Three of Barresi’s carved avocados nestled into one another

He’s only 27 but Daniele Barresi has been known as one of the world’s most awarded and talented food carvers for several years. Read more

13 World Landmarks Made of Chocolate

Chocolate sculpting

Master Mirco Della Vecchia, Italy’s foremost chocolatier (or chocolate artisan), produced thirteen world landmarks hand-made entirely from chocolate, with only the use of chisels, for the Chocolate World Heritage Exhibition in Hong Kong. Read more

Lovin’ Spoonfuls. Edible Art by Ioana Vanc.

edible art by ioana vanc
above: American Indian made of apple, cucumber, bread crust, plum and lemon peel

The talented Ioana Vanc has given us some spoonfuls of art to eat up. Her miniature edible compositions use a large serving spoon as their backdrop and are incredibly impressive. Read more

Oreos Become Canvas for Colorful Creme Art by Tisha Cherry.

Tisha Cherry's Oreo Art

A few years back I introduced you to Judith G. Klausner, an artist who carved the cream centers of Nabisco Oreos into the likenesses of traditional cameos. Now, there’s Tisha Cherry, another talented food artist who has upped the Oreo ante by using their colored cream centers to both recreate well known artworks and make some of her own. Read more

Artists’ Thanksgiving Meals As Envisioned by Hannah Rothstein.


Artist, writer and jewelry designer Hanna Rothstein has created a series of Artists’ Thanksgiving Meals. Photographic prints that visually illustrate how well-known artists would serve up their own Thanksgiving feasts. Read more

Art Fund Cooks Up A Clever Way To Help UK Museums and Galleries

A new fundraising initiative from the Art Fund encourages art lovers to create edible masterpieces with all funds raised going toward helping UK museums and galleries. Read more

Food Art So Impressive, You’ll Feel Full. The Art Toast Project by Ida Skivenes (IdaFrosk).

The Art Toast Project by Ida Frosk

Oslo, Norway based Instagram food artist and enthusiast Ida Skivenes (aka IdaFrosk) uses a dinner plate as a canvas to create original and reproductions of classic art with food. Read more

Dryer Lint Handroll Anyone? Sushi Sculptures Made With Actual Lint.

dryer lint sushi

Artist Slater Barron works in several different mediums and has created everything from large scale installations to small sculptures. But what caught my eye were her actual size sculptures of sushi handcrafted from real dryer lint. Read more