Pooping Chihuahua Turns Red. The Good Puppy Table Lamp Now Comes In Ferrari Red.

Pooping Chihuahua Lamp

About 10 months ago I introduced you to the defecating dog lamps by UK artist Whathisname.  Now he has created a Ferrari red version of The Good Puppy Table Lamp, a pooping Chihuahua whose turd is actually the on/off switch.

Pooping Chihuahua Lamp

Step on the poo to turn the lamp on or off:
red pooping dog lamp

The bow is now magnetic and you can take it off anytime:

The black Good Puppy Table Lamp and the Good Boy Floor Lamp:
good dog and good puppy IIHIH

Each lamp is signed by the artist and is available in limited numbers.

• Good Puppy Lamp £1100 ($1711.33 USD) in Black or Red – tax and shipping not included
• Good Boy Lamp £2600 ($4044.95 USD) in Black only – tax and shipping not included

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