Photographer’s Beloved Wolf Dog Is Immortalized In a Pebble Mosaic. See How It Was Done.

Sitka wolf pebble portrait

Photographer Honza Řeháček and Mosaic Artist Anna Solnechnaya have collaborated on a project that turned one of the most popular photos of the Instagrammer’s Wolf Dog Sitka into a portrait made entirely of pebbles.

photo to pebble mosaic
We turned the photo black and white and placed a section of Anna’s mosaic atop it so you can see how it matches.

Kopernikk Sitka Pebble Mosaic

sitka wolf photo by @kopernikk IIHIH
The original photo of Sitka by @kopernikk

As an animal lover, I’ve been following photographer Honza Řeháček on social media as he documents his special relationship with his Wolf dog named Sitka. Capturing beautiful and heart warming photos in exotic locales as they travel together, he’s published a very personal book of their adventures divided into six chapters and accompanied by more than 120 photos on 176 pages.

Sitka with his the adventure book
Sitka with his the adventure book, photo @kopernikk
sitka wolf dog in kopernikk book
The photo in the newly published book, Kopernikk & Sitka Adventure photo 2014 – 2022, photo @kopernikk

With 506k followers on Instagram, I’m clearly not the only one who enjoys admiring the inspiring photos of the relationship between man and wolf-dog. Russian artist Anna Solnechnaya, who creates mosaics with pebbles, teamed up with Řeháček to create a special piece of one of the most popular and iconic photos of Sitka.

Mosaic Artist Anna with the final framed pebble portrait of Sitka.
Mosaic Artist Anna with the final framed pebble portrait of Sitka.

Anna, who goes by on Instagram, not only shared the stunning final piece, but documented the process which we are thrilled to share with you because it’s amazing to watch something like this come to fruition.

The Mosaic Process

making pebble mosaics
mosaic of german shepard
pebble mosaic
russian mosaic artist
mosaic of Sitka olf dog
sitka wolf mosaic

And the final mosaic:

Follow the adventures of Kopernikk and Sitka on Instagram here 

Follow mosaic artist Anna Solnechnaya on Instagram here

all images courtesy of the artist and photographer