Some Pretty Polar Products In Honor Of Earth Day

polar products at if its hip its here

Today is Earth Day, a concept whose origins began way back in 1970. As we celebrate the 46th year of awareness, education, inspiration and the hopes of motivating people to action, I’ve rounded up a few relevant and cool little items for you.

Polar Products

They won’t save the planet or feed the hungry, but they are fun and functional reminders of our present state of global warming and they just might remind you to help do something about climate change.

The Qualy Polar Ice Tray:
Qualy’s silicone polar ice tray makes little cubes shaped like floating icebergs and comes in three colors.
polar ice tray colors
Qualy Polar Ice Tray
Buy it here Or here

The Qualy Polar ice Bucket:
Another from product from Qualy Design is their double-walled ice bucket which contains a little polar bear stranded on a small block of ice at the base. As the ice cubes in the bucket melt, they provide tiny drops of water for the bear, a sad reminder of our shrinking oceans.
qualy polar bear ice bucket cu
qualy polar bear ice bucket with tongs
qualy polar ice bucket box
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Polar Ice Molds (penguins and polar bear):
Monos of Japan has created these silicone cup molds to make your own little polar and penguin-topped ice cubes.
Monos polar ice molds
The easy-to-make little floating icebergs topped with creatures reminds us of how quickly they melt.
monos silicone molds
Polar Ice Cube Molds penguin and polar bear
monos polar ice molds 2
Buy them here

The Global Warming / Climate Change Mug.
From The Philosopher’s Guild, this ceramic mug has heat-changing imagery. Pour in a hot beverage and watch our coastlines shrink.
global warming mug
climate change mug package
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The Global Warming Rug from nanimarquina:
Designed by Mexico’s Nel Collective is hand-tufted of New Zealand wool and features a 3D wool-felted polar bear standing on a shrinking iceberg in the midst of an ocean.
global warming rug by NEL at nanimarquina
global warming rug round
Available in two standard sizes with custom sizes available.
Buy it here  Also available here

Also worth mentioning, the beautiful melting Iceberg candles by Bozu

And today’s Earth Day Google Doodle image matched with this post quite well, don’t you think?: