Porcelain Painted Cars by Chinese Artist Ma Jun

Ma Jun Porcelain Cars

Painted with oil paints atop their fiberglass finishes, Contemporary Chinese artist Ma Jun has transformed a Porsche, a Buick and another sedan into modern versions of classic Chinese porcelain objects. Read more

Hennessy Cognac Rings In The Lunar New Year With Art Collaboration

A special Lunar New Year limited release of the Hennessy Collection (V.S.O.P Privilège, X.O) has been designed by Zhang Huan and accompanied by a monumental work of art by the Chinese artist measuring over 16 feet long. Read more

Artists Remix Gucci Print Tian – All 24 Pieces.

artists remix gucci Tian if it's hip it's here

The Tian print by Gucci, a tropical take on bird and flower paintings that embellishes their new collection of leather goods and shoes for men and women, has been “remixed” by 24 artists upon invitation. Read more

Liu Di Plays With Proportions Between The Animate and Inanimate.

Digitally manipulating images of animals, human nudes and insects to be disproportionate within shabby urban settings, Chinese artist Liu Di highlights the relationship between the the Animate and the Inanimate. Read more