Cross Dressing Portraits Make A Point In The Men Under The Influence.

Cross Dressing portraits by Jon Uriarte

“The men under the influence…” is a series of cross dressing portraits by photographer Jon Uriarte that address the recent change in roles in heterosexual relationships and how those changes have affected men in particular.

Cross Dressing portraits by Jon Uriarte

The project consists of full-length portraits of men wearing the clothes of their girlfriends or wives, taken in the space shared by the couple. The photos attempt to capture men’s sense of loss reference, now that women have taken a step forward and have finally come into their own as equal partners.

Below are all of the images from the project.

Carlos wearing Nina’s clothes:
Cross Dressing portraits

Victor wearing Ana’s clothes:
Cross Dressing portraits

Santi wearing Sabela’s clothes:

Javi wearing Gabi’s clothes:
Cross Dressing portraits by john uriarte

Guillermo wearing Beatriz’ clothes:

Nick wearing Reiko’s clothes:

Marcos wearing Lucia’s clothes:
Cross Dressing portraits

Matias wearing Sarah’s clothes:

Steve wearing Fonlin’s clothes:

Lastly, the photographer himself, wearing Ainara’s clothes:

photos and project description courtesy of Jon Uriarte

A special thanks to Feature Shoot for bringing this project to my attention

Jon Uriarte