Morgan Studio & Studio Integrate Debut Rio 3D Printed Furniture


Rio, a collaboration between by Morgan Studio & Studio Integrate, combines traditional furniture craft with innovative 3D printed components.

Rio 3D Printed Furniture

Rio 3D Printed Furniture

Making their debut at The London Design Festival, Rio is a collection of chairs and tables that adds technical innovation to traditional furniture design. Combining craft of the past with craft of the future, the wood and upholstered models contain a 3D printed component creating an intricate curved sculptural element. The pieces are constructed using a mathematical algorithm and then printed in polyamide or resin.

3D printed furniture

The Rio dining chairs combine wood, brass or powder-coated metal legs with various upholstery options and the 3D printed element in various finishes.

3D printed chairs

modern furniture design

The chair is also available with a wood or upholstered back as opposed to the 3D printed element:

modern armchairs

The glass top Rio tables use 3D printing to create a sculptural element that is a visible and integral part of the design. Available in 2 sizes, side or coffee, they combine legs of timber with the polyamide or resin 3D printed jewel-like element.

3D printed table bases

The side and coffee tables feature a glass top that floats over an intricate 3D printed ‘lacework’ basket in white or black with solid wood legs of walnut, maple or painted black.

modern furniture design

They are a unique application of 3D printing in commercial furniture and the perfect complement to the Rio 3D printed chairs.

“We aimed to create designs that explore new possibilities and combine it with exquisite craftsmanship. Their dynamic forms capture your mind and their handcrafted wooden elements feel familiar to your eyes and touch. We used design innovation to make similar looking objects with same materials behave differently for the right reasons. They become flexible as a comfortable chair and rigid as a strong table, while maintaining coherent aesthetics of ONE collection.” Says Mehran Gharleghi, architect and new technologies designer.

About Morgan:
Morgan is a British designer and manufacturer specializing in contemporary furniture for contract interiors. The design team create original collections as well as bespoke designs to meet individual briefs. They believe in originality and innovation, and their furniture collections are designed and developed with care in order to combine this with ergonomics, comfort and longevity.

Morgan Furniture

About Studio Integrate:
Studio Integrate is an architecture, Design and research studio based in London and Sydney. It was founded by Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy in 2011.

Integrate is interested in designing new spaces and artifacts through a new methodology that integrates aesthetics, culture and performance. We consider the human sense of beauty and comfort as the most imperative element that forms space.

We understand the unique driving force behind each project through careful examination. Employing new sophisticated design and analysis tools along with rigorous physical material studies allow us to synthesize design and performance, establishing new relationships with the built environment and ultimately leading to novel spatial experiences.