Star Wars Buddhas – Big-Bellied Zen Versions of Darth, Yoda & More.

Star Wars - Zen Buddhas Quad IIHIH

Villianous and heroic Star Wars characters Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett and many more are depicted as 3D printed versions of Buddha. Seated cross-legged with big round bellies, the colorful characters are created by artist Chris Milnes.

Star Wars Buddhas

Zen 3 CPO Brilliant Gold in 3 sizes
above: each zen buddha is available in either 2″, 4″ or 6″ tall

Zen Darth Vader (Black Satin)
Zen Darth Vader Buddha
Zen Emperor Palpatine (Blue Metal Flake)
Star Wars - Zen Emperor Palpatine (Blue Metal Flake)
Zen C3PO (Brilliant Gold)
Star Wars - Zen C3PO (Brilliant Gold)
Zen Stormtrooper (Chrome)
Star Wars VII - Zen Stormtrooper (Chrome)
Zen Yoda (Mint Green)
Star Wars - Zen Yoda (Mint Green)
Zen Chewbacca (Brown)
Zen Chewbacca Star Wars Buddha
Zen Greedo (Brilliant Gold)
Star Wars - Zen Greedo (Brilliant Gold)
Zen Boba Fett (Moss Green)
Star Wars - Zen Boba Fett (Moss Green)
Zen Tie Fighter Pilot (Black Satin)
Star Wars - Zen Tie Fighter Pilot (Black Satin)
Zen Biker Scout (White)
Star Wars - Zen Biker Scout (White)

The statuettes come in three different desktop sizes and are created with a 3D printers in Chris’s home in Teaneck, New Jersey. Each statue arrives signed and dated.

Yoda Desert Sand 3 sizes

They make darn cute Garden Gnomes too:

Star Wars characters are not the only “buddhas’ made by Chris Milnes. Many other characters from pop culture (sci-fi characters, superheroes, celebrities, comic book icons and popular tv shows) are also available, a few of which are shown below:

Notorious B.I.G. and The Dude
Zen Optimus Prime, Batman, Bart and Hulk
Zen Optimus Prime, Batman, Hulk and Bart Simpson Buddhas

Worth noting is Chris’s Yoda homage to Robert Indiana’s famous LOVE sculpture, my personal favorite of his creations:
Yoda a la robert Indiana

muckychris chris mucky 3d pop culture buddhas

+ Wholesale or bulk orders are welcome.

These and more can be found in Chris’ etsy store: