Litebulber Light Bulb Sculptures by Kai Bracher

Litebulber Light Bulb Sculptures hero IIHIH

Berlin-based Kai Bracher, with a little help from Shapeways, has created a series of easy-to-attach 3D printed LED light bulb embellishments he calls Litebulbers.

Litebulber Light Bulb Sculptures

elephant litebulber light bulb sculpture

Litebulber light bulb sculptures, a special project of Bracher’s, focuses solely on creating sculptures for LED lightbulbs.

smiley on and off

These are not the first 3D printed lights or light bulb embellishments we’ve found. There were the fabulous Stalaclights, upside down skyscrapers that attach to bulbs and the 3D-printed Breaking Bulbs, lights that appear smashed.

Available in various colors, they are simple to put on any bare bulb.

litebulber Elk light bulb sculpture
Elk (Reindeer)
pooping dog light bulb embellishment
Pooping Dog
litebulber 3d printed sheep
statue of liberty 3d printed
Statue of Liberty

They will cling onto both upright and downward facing lightbulbs (but honestly, most look better on those facing up).

light bulb sculptures for LED lights

Shop these and more at his etsy store here


You can see more of Kai Bracher’s wild 3D products here on Shapeways.