Special Edition Morph Chairs Add Vintage Chinese Flavor

special edition morph chairs

Using images from 1920s Chinese Posters, interior designer Friederike Klesper has designed three special editions of ZEITRAUM’s contemporary Morph Chair. Limited to 100 each, the three differently embellished Oak chairs were created using a special printing process that allows the wood grain to show through.

Special Edition Morph Chairs

special edition morph chairs

above: MORPH edition chairs shown with Zeitraum’s Bondt round table

Friederike has considerable experience embedding prints into wood without covering up its natural structure, enabling the material of wood to remain tangible. Like tattoos, the prints tell stories and lend the chairs a character of their own. They are applied to the veneer and have a protective coating to shield them from potentially damaging external forces, such as UV light.



One applied, the decorated wood veneer is shaped to the seat shell and processed further. The technique requires a high level of precision that is guaranteed by Becker, a German specialist in moulded woods.

MORPH Edition chair, Motif 1:


MORPH Edition chair, Motif 2:
MORPH_Edition_07-FK2_01_eec3f60106 copy

MORPH_Edition_08-FK2_01_73702a3d67 copy


MORPH Edition chair, Motif 3:


MORPH Edition // oak with printed seat / motifs FK 1, FK 2, FK 3
width 420 mm
height 810 mm
depth 480 mm
seat height 470 mm

Artwork: Friederike Klesper, Munich

Design: Formstelle, Friederike Klesper

Manufacturer: Zeitraum

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