Leuven Beer Tote, A Unique Packaging Concept by Minimalist.

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Prettier than a six-pack and made of recycled materials, this unique packaging proposal for beer is one of the best.

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Leuven Beer Tote Packaging by Wonchan Lee of Minimalist
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A proposed design to Leuven, this unique, lightweight packaging, designed in 2012 by Wonchan Lee of Minimalist, was an effort at a new approach- one that is unbreakable, recyclable, affordable, easy to carry, to produce and to deliver.

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The flat pack design fastens with velcro and tightly holds vacuum sealed beer (It’s like Capri Sun- just poke a straw in it!)

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From brainstorming to branding, choosing materials and finishing, the package differentiates itself from other premium Belgian beer competitors in the market.

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Vacuum sealed PET bag, X-board, UV printing.
574 x 300 mm

all images and info courtesy of Wonchan Lee