Sleep Like A Roman God In Somnus-Neu, A Modern Multimedia Bed From Yoo Pod.

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What is Somnus-Neu? Som­nus was the Roman god of sleep — Neu is Ger­man for New- thus, new sleep. Somnus-Neu® is an evolution of the idea of “technology convergence” and high design, bringing together into one space, comfort, design, connectivity, audio, video, lighting and experience.

Programmable Lighting

A soft hue emanates from the underside of Somnus-Neu® your bedroom lit from the “night-light” zone, one of three distinct lighting zones built in, all of which are highly efficient and fully programmable LED lights. With 16 million possible color combinations, everyone can create their own unique shade, as mood lighting, underside lighting or reading light. Research has shown that color and light add are valuable components to the way we feel. Now there’s no excuse not to feel good.


Everyone these days knows that music and sound can enhance and create our environment. Your music, Your media, Your environment. The heart of Somnus-Neu® audio is a Class D digital amplifier, which is highly energy efficient and produces less waste through heat than a typical Class A/B amplifier. Speakers fixed in 5 different points within the space create a listening experience controlled entirely by you. From soft waves rolling in as you embrace sleep, to hard hitting rock’n’roll, plug in your MP3 player, store your own music or stream it in from the outside.

Upscale design

We’re connected through an ever growing internet community, the world at our fingertips, we at Yoo-Pod Ltd love being connected, we figured you might too. So we provided two touch-screens, one for you and one for your partner, recessed into the sides of Somnus-Neu®. Simply raise the screens from their hidden position, bring the arm around to place it in your perfect position and connect to the world.

Movies In Bed

The real VIP movie going experience is right here. A giant movie screen lives hidden in the top end of Somnus-Neu, lower i57oftravelerst into position to take advantage of the “best seat in the house” – Yours. We incorporated a High Def video projector and brought the theater right to you. Hit the button, lower the screen, encapsulate the space with the automatic privacy curtains and experience the real thing. Every detail in Somnus-Neu® is considered, the upholstery the hand-crafted wooden bed head, the 100% recycled composites that create the form and shape, nothing has been overlooked. We understand also that people are individuals and as such have allowed for certain customization within the design. Different wood selections and upholstery are possible.

Here’s a fun little computer animated video as to how the data trail works with the Somnus Neu:

And an introductory video:

Who is behind this? Founded by Grier Govorko (below), Yoo-Pod Ltd owns exclusively the Somnus-Neu® concept, registered trademark and design.

About the designer: Grier’s willingness to push boundaries has landed him much critical acclaim. His production design for the Chili Peppers’ 3-day concert run at Hyde Park in London –a concept which centered around a massive 100-meter wide video installation– has risen to the level of legend in production design circles. Nom­i­nated as pro­duc­tion designer of the year in 2005 for exem­plary work for the Red Hot Chili Pep­pers — he has been the designer behind all world tours since 2000. Somnus-Neu® is planned for release in 2010. Below is some wishful thinking on their part (Richard, are you listening?), this ‘faux’ branded image was posted by Somnus Neu on their facebook page.

somnue neu virgin atlantic

all images and info courtesy of Yoo Pod Ltd. Yoo-Pod Ltd

UPDATE: Like so many cool innovations we blog about, this one, too, seems to have gone out of business. The somnus-neu website is nowhere to be found now.