The Entertainment Robot That May Just Transform Your World: The Keecker.


Created by former Google employee, Pierre Lebeau, it looks like a Roomba on steroids and acts like a mobile projection theater, security camera, concert hall, internet and wireless game console all in one. It’s like having your own little Robot that provides you with Google services, streaming entertainment, gaming apps, web-cam and more – it’s a Keecker. Read more

Ellie Konig and Quang Dinh Know How To Do A Wedding Video. Take Note, Soon-To-Be-Marrieds.

above: Quang and Ellie captured in their on-site reception photo booth, one of over 800 pictures by which they now have to remember the special occasion (courtesy of Quang Dinh’s facebook page)

Like most newlyweds, the lovely Ellie Koning and handsome Quang Dinh wanted to capture the afterparty of their Aug. 11th nuptials on video. Unlike most couples, they used small Seattle-based production company Super Frog Saves Tokyo to do the job. (On the company’s official facebook page, the folks at SFST they say they made this video for their “boss.”) Read more

The Kudo Solar Charging iPad Case for All Apple iPad Versions

Solar powered charging iPad case

The iPad is amazing, but this makes it even better. The KudoCase for iPad, iPad 2, and the New iPad 3rd Generation are pulling the plug on wasted power by using new solar ink technology to convert outdoor and indoor light into usable energy to continually charge the Apple iPad. Whenever light is shimmering around you this solar powered iPad case is charging your battery. Read more

PURE* Computers and Amplifiers. High Tech With High Style from Amsterdam.

custom ceramic computer cases

Four years ago, I wrote a post on these unusual ceramic encased computers and amplifiers from Plush Department. Since that time, they have updated the technical specs so that the computers and amplifiers have up-to-date capabilities like BluRay, VOIP and video conferencing. Read more

Nest. A New Smart, Savvy, Sensing, Stylish Thermostat For The Home.

Nest Smart Thermostat

This modern looking, smart thermostat, the Nest, has been getting a lot of coverage on design blogs and in the news recently – and with good reason. In addition to being great looking, the technologically advanced thermostat saves energy, learns from your behavior and is wifi-connected so you can even program it from a downloadable mobile app when away from home. Read more

That Funky Green Modern Air Purifier Is Finally Available To Purchase

above: Once called the Bel-Air, The Andrea has now been mass produced

Originally named the Bel-Air, the modern looking purifier was an experiment between the French designer Matthieu Lehanneur and David Edwards and was initiated by Le Laboratoire in October 2006.

The final design optimized the filtration capacity of leaves, roots, soil and plant water to achieve a first Laboratoire artscience innovation. It was produced in five unique, original prototypes signed by the Artist, and first exhibited at Le Laboratoire in 2007.

In 2008, the Bel-Air was exposed at MoMA in New York and won a prestigious Innovation of the Year Award from Popular Science magazine and was awarded Best innovation of the year by Popular Science in 2008.

You may recall seeing it on some blogs, in some magazines or quite possibly read about one of the many awards this inventive air purifier has received. But it has since been rechristened the Andrea and can now be purchased online in europe and the US.

ANDREA is the first award-winning designed air filter capable of absorbing toxic gases, such as formaldehyde, from home and office environments through the natural absorptive and metabolic properties of living plants.

As described in Living Filters in Urban Design, to appear in Ecological Urbanism (edited by Mohsen Mostafavi, 2009), ANDREA elevates the science of pure air into an art form by bringing fresh air and stylish design into the home and office.

* Transforms any household plant into an effective air cleaner for your home or office
* Cleans air locally and rapidly, therefore can be turned on and off throughout the day
* Uses any household plant (sold separately)
* Absorbs and metabolizes noxious chemicals
* Biochemically transforms waste
* Ozone-free operation
* Low power consumption
* No replaceable filters
* Complements any décor (okay, that I cannot agree with… perhaps any modern decor)

Any kind of household plant can be used as the filtration agent, offering freedom to select the foliage that best suits the motif of any part of your home. Simply put, it’s where form and function come together beautifully.

ANDREA is perfect for any room in the house. It is especially effective in high-use areas where air can stagnate, and harmful gases gather, such as bedrooms, home offices, kitchens & dining, family and living rooms.

Sleep Like A Roman God In Somnus-Neu, A Modern Multimedia Bed From Yoo Pod.

somnus neu bed hero IIHIH

What is Somnus-Neu? Som­nus was the Roman god of sleep — Neu is Ger­man for New- thus, new sleep. Somnus-Neu® is an evolution of the idea of “technology convergence” and high design, bringing together into one space, comfort, design, connectivity, audio, video, lighting and experience. Read more