Sleeping In The Round. The Eclipse Bed With Leather, Lights & TV.

Eclipse bed set

The unique Eclipse Bed is the latest work by “technology pioneer” İşbir Yatak for İşbir Bedding, a manufacturer who specializes in high-end mattresses and technologically advanced sleep systems. Read more

The Ovei Pod, A Personal Cocoon In Various Forms From Artist-Decorated to Gaming.

the ovei pod

The Ovei Pod is a self contained unit with a built-in 5.1. surround sound system, variable lighting control, climate control, luxury leather seating and the latest flat screen technology. Read more

The Hi-Can. A High Fidelity Canopy Multimedia Bed.

Hi Can multimedia bed iihihHi Can bed 2

The Hi-Can Multimedia Bed (short for High Fidelity Canopy Bed) is another one of those modern decadent hedonistic multimedia beds we’ve been seeing more and more of these days. Read more

Karim Rashid’s Exclusive Beds For Hollandia: Sphere & Glow

Hollandia Beds Rashid Sphere and Glow hero IIHIH

Hollandia International has partnered with one of the most progressive and acclaimed designers in the world, Karim Rashid, a leading figure in the fields of product, interior, fashion, furniture, lighting design and art to design some new Hollandia Beds. Read more

Sleep Like A Roman God In Somnus-Neu, A Modern Multimedia Bed From Yoo Pod.

somnus neu bed hero IIHIH

What is Somnus-Neu? Som­nus was the Roman god of sleep — Neu is Ger­man for New- thus, new sleep. Somnus-Neu® is an evolution of the idea of “technology convergence” and high design, bringing together into one space, comfort, design, connectivity, audio, video, lighting and experience. Read more

Talk About Surround Sound! The Sonic Chair

sonic chair

The sonic chair provides a unique audio experience, allowing you to sit at the very center of a sound system. Whether you enjoy listening to symphony orchestras, rock concerts, or audio books – the integrated satellite speakers are precisely adapted to your ears. The two latest models even include an ipod docking station or a 20″ mac touchscreen. Read more