The Lavazza 2010 Calendar: Music To Your Eyes by Photographer Miles Aldridge.

miles aldridge lavazza calendar

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The Lavazza 2010 Calendar has been released!

The Lavazza 2010 Calendar

For the past 18 years, the annually produced calendar has been unavailable to the public and created with the talented firm Armando Testa for Lavazza’s clients. Legendary photographers ranging from Albert Watson to Annie Leibovitz have had the honor of shooting the piece and more and more the yearly release is eagerly anticipated. Every year the calendar gets much deserved favorable and flattering press coverage along with other coveted and exclusive, and coincidentally Italian, calendars like Pirelli’s or Campari’s. And like the past two years, I have the entire calendar, behind the scenes shots and a making of video for you.

This year’s calendar is yet another visual spectacle. Shot by photographer Miles Aldridge in a “Futuretrò” style, this years’ them is the universal languages of Music and Photography.

British photographer Miles Aldridge was given the task of visually interpreting six of the ultimate Italian classics: Va’ Pensiero, Guarda Che Luna, ‘O Sole Mio, Con Te Partirò, Baciami Piccina and Nessun Dorma.

Now don’t just gloss over the music and admire these beautiful photos. The classic Italian pieces of music are moving and inspiring. If you’re not familiar with them, look them up and have a listen. You even have the opportunity on Lavazza’s site to download an mp3 version of the tear-provoking classic Nessun Dorma by Antony and the Johnsons (in conjunction with Sony Music) here.

Now the 2010 Lavazza Calendar:

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photographer miles aldridge
Miles Aldrige shooting the calendar

The photographer talks about the project and some behind the scenes shots:

“This project instantly reminded me of Fellini”. Miles Aldridge talking on set, at the Cinecittà studios in Rome, about the Lavazza Calendar. “Through the music, melodies and arias I glimpsed stories that told bittersweet tales, dramas, rebirths. I was reminded of characters and stories from films like La Strada and La Dolce Vita”.

Even the six Calendar models are strong-willed heroines. “I didn’t just want six beautiful girls. I wanted six women who could prove they were larger than life”.

The life of Aldridge (married with four children and living in London) is all about light and colour. “I can draw inspiration from anything: a bright red garage in Soho, a woman wearing a green coat crossing the street. The fabulous orange in pictures by Francis Bacon or a palette of colours put together by the Wizard of Oz”.

Aldridge prefers artificial shades: phosphorescent yellow, bubblegum pink, the bright green of imitation grass, and deep blue – not sky-blue or the marine blue found in wall frescoes, but the unidentifiable blue of an air hostess’s uniform, or the blue of Italy’s national football team. He also draws great inspiration from early colour films: “I love the way that Technicolor has always broken everything down into areas of pure colour, giving the shadows a brilliant shade of blue”.

More behind the scenes shots:

The Video of “The Making Of”:

Supervision & Coordination Lavazza Corporate Image, Advertising Department 
 Photographer Miles Aldridge 
Creative Project Armando Testa 
 Creative Director Michele Mariani 
 Art Director Andrea Lantelme 
 Copywriter Michele Pieri 
 Production Federico Levizzani, The Box Films 
 Set Designer Andy Hillman 
 Stylist Alice Gentilucci 
 Hair Stylist Malcom Edwards 
 Make-up Artist Alice Ghendriah 
 Photographer Assistants Pawel Pysz, Alex Sjoeberg 
 Post Production Tapestry Models: Bianca Balti, Georgia Frost, Lydia Hearst, Daisy Lowe, Alexandra Tomlinson, Alek Alexeyeva 
Special thanks to Chantecler gioielli and also to Roberto Cavalli, Cavalli & Nastri, Diego Dolcini per Jo No Fui, Dolce & Gabbana, Fisico, La Perla, Sergio Rossi, Sebastian

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