The Scratchophone V2 Is A Portable DJ Instrument For Turntablists or Those Who Just Like To Scratch.

Scratchophone V2

A new musical instrument for DJ’s and Turntablists, The Scratchophone Version 2 is an ”instrumental unity” for scratching: all in one and portable.

Scratchophone V2 Portable Turntable

blk orange scratchophone

Scratchophone V2 Portable Turntable

The Scratchophone V2 is a turntable on a drum-like instrument equipped with an unique anti-skip tonearm, a high torque direct drive, 2 channels audio mixer with EQs, full in and out plugs (RCA) with an Innofader PRO Cross-fader, built in 40w speakers, all outputs and line inputs (for your mp3 player). The detachable strap allows you to stand up or even walk while scratching.

Scratchophone-Jazz-Combo-on street

Scratchophone V2 Portable Turntable

Scratchophone-Jazz-Combo-marching band


The Scratchophone can be carried and used anywhere in a wide variety of new situations: jamming with friends, playing live on stage or even scratching on your sofa. The custom, hand built instrument can be clad in any color. Before placing your order, they will work closely with you to find the best solution. With the help of the company’s computer generated 3D renders, you will be able to choose colours, design features, technical specifications and see your new Scratchophone taking shape.

Scratchophone Jazzcombobox2 close up

Scratchophone garage band

Scratchophone in use

Since they are custom built and made to order,  you will be asked to pay an initial deposit (50%) to begin the build, then a second and last payment (50%) before shipping. Delivery will be done as soon as possible (usually within 6 weeks)

Scratchophone V2 Base Model specifications:
scratchophone back

scratchophone front


Compatible with Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS) like Traktor, Serato etc.
• Drum : Hand-made fiberglass shell, ergonomic design for lefty or righty people.
• Anti-Skip Tonearm + cartridge : Unique articulated and tangential tonearm, for skip proof vinyls only.
• Turntable : High Torque direct drive (4.5 kg/cm), 33/45/78, start/stop, ultrapitch
• Mixer : 2 channels audio mixer with EQs, full in and out plugs (RCA)
• Xfader : Innofader PRO with Cut-in and Curve controls.
• Speaker : 40 W + mono ampli 12W
• Simple Strap
• 220V or 115V power pack + 5 meters cable.
• Available in any RAL colour
• Price starts at 1440 Euros // 1975 US$

Custom Options:
• Mixer Vestax VMC02 with USB and XLR plugs
• Custom painting job (bi-color drum etc.)
• Custom decals with your logo, design, tatoo etc.
• Cartridge Shure M447
• InnoJuster to adjust on the fly, cut-in / curve / hamster
• Records player tonearm to play normal LPs
• Flightcase with taylor-made foam inserts, 60*40*40 cm
• Double strap

Logo May 2014

The company and product are no longer available.

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