Something Wicked This Way Rolls. Creepy Bowling Balls.

Given the spooky time of year, I was thinking about the beautifully designed zombie head  13th Street bowling balls by illustrator Oliver Paass for ad agency Jung von Matt 2011 TV promotion for German Horror Channel 13th Street. This got me wondering about scary bowling balls and which, if any, were available to buy.

12 Scary Bowling Balls

But first, a look at the promotion.
The 13th Street Bowling balls by Oliver Paass:

scary bowling balls

jung von matt 13th street

halloween bowling balls

halloween promotion for 13th street

halloween promo

13th street halloween promotion

While not quite as impressive as those created for the 13th Street promotion, there are several available. Predominantly for the casual or entry level bowler are bowling balls from various manufacturers that are printed with all that is creepy – from Spiders to Zombies. The same artist, Oliver Paas, created the art for some of these (those that are signed Oliver Paint).

Creepy Bowling Balls

Here are twelve of the best.

Brunswick Spider Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball:

buy it here

Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-a-Ball Bowling Ball:

buy it here

Brunswick Grim Reaper Glow Viz-A-Ball:

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Brunswick Skull Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball:

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Brunswick Snake Glow Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

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DV8 Zombie bowling ball:

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DV8 Shanpire Bowling Ball:

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Bowlerstore’s custom Viz-A-Balls
Samantha Zombie Bowling Ball:

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Elvis Zombie Bowling Ball:

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Horde Zombie Bowling Ball:

buy it here’s Eyeball Viz-a-ball:

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Elite Wicked Skull Bowling Ball:

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Viz-a-balls are polyester bowling balls with exclusive 360 degree, high-polish limited edition graphics. They are offered by various manufacturers. Below each ball is the link to purchase.