The Reinast $4200 Titanium Toothbrush. Yep, I said $4200 Toothbrush.

reinast toothbrush

What could possibly make a toothbrush cost more than a decade of dental insurance premiums? The Reinast is a German precision-engineered, full titanium body toothbrush that claims to have unparalleled durable strength and biocompatability.* Its lightweight, ergonomic design has an antibacterial coating applied to the most critical point, the interface between toothbrush and replaceable brush head. Although the exorbitant price does not include a Dental Hygienist, included are five new bristle heads sent to you every six months.)

Reinast claims these properties combined with what they term “timeless design”,  resulting in the first everlasting hygienic toothbrush, justifies the price tag as fine accessory and an exclusive gift.

reinast editions

If you’re like me, you may be wondering just what is biocompatability?

This is how it is defined on Wikipedia:
*Five definitions of biocompatibility
“The quality of not having toxic or injurious effects on biological systems”.
“The ability of a material to perform with an appropriate host response in a specific application”, Williams’ definition.
“Comparison of the tissue response produced through the close association of the implanted candidate material to its implant site within the host animal to that tissue response recognised and established as suitable with control materials” – ASTM
“Refers to the ability of a biomaterial to perform its desired function with respect to a medical therapy, without eliciting any undesirable local or systemic effects in the recipient or beneficiary of that therapy, but generating the most appropriate beneficial cellular or tissue response in that specific situation, and optimising the clinically relevant performance of that therapy”.
“Biocompatibility is the capability of a prosthesis implanted in the body to exist in harmony with tissue without causing deleterious changes”.

Now, more about the Reinast Toothbrush.

Premium Titanium
reinast-toothbrush-titanium-all angles IIHIH

Made from full body premium titanium, Reinast has superior standards on the material and manufacturing quality compared to medical devices since primarily these have only a titanium coating. Only titanium of the highest grade is used which is renowned for its biocompatibility, lightweight and super strength. These features make titanium the material of choice for the most exclusive technological areas such as aviation, aerospace and a diverse range of surgical applications.

Antibacterial Coating
special antimicrobial coating

This prolific alloy not only elevates the product’s beauty, but also carries various hygienic and medical advantages. Its antibacterial protective layer guards against bacterial attack on the most important part which is present between the socket and the bristle head. This coating is one of the latest innovations in medical technology. It is durable and safe.

Perfect in form aesthetics
reinast 4200 toothbrush IIHIH

Reinast is the optimal combination of technology and design creating a visually appealing and stylish symbiosis of form, colour and function. Its different colour variations adapt seamlessly to every surrounding by transgressing from a purely functional to a design object.

• Bumpers – They have created bumpers for customers who might perceive the first contact with titanium as unfamiliar. Available in different colours, they allow for an accustomed brushing sensation without imposing any limitations on the beauty or function.

bumbers for reinast

• Replaceable bristle heads – Reinast was developed to be durable. The only replaceable element is the bristle head. Every six months we send our customers five new bristle heads. A service that is naturally at no charge.

When buying a $4200 USD Reinast you will receive following accessories with your premium package:
• one titanium holder
• one anti-slip-pad
• six bristle heads (soft or medium)
• one bumper
• Fresh Service 3 years

Now… I wonder what toothpaste they recommend?

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