Ray Ban “Round” Animated Short – The Cure For The Dull Life.

Ray Ban "Round" animated short

“Round” is a new commercial for Ray Ban from Marcel Paris. The line art animated spot is the story of a sad businessman who discovers that, with a new pair of Ray Bans, his inner rebel is released.

Ray Ban “Round”

Ray Ban

With the tagline, “No Squares Allowed” the 30 second French animated spot makes new Round Ray Bans the cure for the dull life. Once handed a pair of the sunglasses from a bearded street musician, the hero turns into a tattooed, motorcycle-riding hellion. Created and directed by McBess & Simon (aka Matthieu Bessudo and Simon Landrein) with production by Passion Paris.

ray ban round 3 IIHIH

McBess & Simon
Production : Passion Paris
Agency: Marcel
Music: Schmooze

Ray Ban (France)
Marcel Paris
Matthieu Bessudo (aka McBess) and Simon Landrein joined Passion Pictures in 2013.
Directors: McBess & Simon
Production : Passion Paris