Redoing Your Floors? Here Are Some Modern Fabulous Wood Flooring Options.

Menotti Specchia wood flooring hero IIHIH

During Salone del Mobile 2014, Menotti Specchia of Italy presented five new concepts developed in collaboration with Design-Apart. For the new wood flooring design options designs they called in the following workshops and designers: Gio TirottoPaolo Cappello, and Studiocharlie to create handcrafted innovative Made-in-Italy solutions from the Menotti Lab. Below are the five new alternatives to boring plain wood floors and a look at some of their other options.

Wood Flooring Design Options

Cuts | Menotti Lab, design: Gio Tirotto
Cuts | Menotti Lab design- Gio Tirotto IIHIH

CUTS takes its inspiration from the world of ceramics: reworking the traditional cementine tile bullnose shape, it discovers new expressions for parquet. 3 rhomboid slats, in gradations of colour, define a hexagonal base form. A brilliant interpretation of the project for those who seek innovation and a personal touch.

Scotch | Menotti Lab, design: Gio Tirotto
Scotch | Menotti Lab design- Gio Tirotto IIHIH

SCOTCH is a highly customisable line: graphics and format can be chosen according to the type of project. The aim? To authenticate every single slat with an artisan graphic stamp: so placing a piece of scotch tape on each plank becomes an identifying yet decorative gesture. Every slat is a unique piece; every space, a composition with its own unrepeatable character.

Compass | Menotti Lab, design: Paolo Cappello
Compass | Menotti Lab design- Paolo Cappello IIHIH

COMPASS demolishes the traditional view of parquet: the innovative asymmetrical rhombus shape of the slats, laid as flooring or wall covering, creates a fascinating optical effect: the surface no longer appears smooth, but seems to come to three-dimensional life, with fragmented lines which change as you approach or retreat. A unique effect, for highly individual and aesthetic projects.

Linee | Menotti Lab, design: Studiocharlie
Linee | Menotti Lab design- Studiocharlie IIHIH

LINEE was born from observation of slat’s production process: on the underside, evenly spaced lines are cut, to facilitate adhesion to the floor. Studiocharlie chooses to display this “production DNA” on the surface. An ironic statement, design-oriented by personalised dye resins used to colour the cuts. Laid on the floor or cladding a wall, Linee’s geometry, defined by its playful lined look, creates vibrant visual and spatial effects.

Tarli | Menotti Lab, design: Studiocharlie
Tarli | Menotti Lab design- Studiocharlie IIHIH
TARLI is an ironic product created for the world of Retail. “Woodworm holes” – ever an intrinsic part of wooden furnishings – arranged in perfect circles and coloured to taste, become a captivating and playful decorative element. An intellectual divertissement, for those who wish to match the floor colour of their flagship store / shop-in-a-shop / corner while maintaining warm elegance and refinement.

These five new interpretations of parquet floors have a strong visual impact, developed through a constant and continuous debate between idea and production. From the raw material to the finished product, each and every stage of production is done entirely in-house, alternating industrial processes, manual operations and necessary resting times. Seasoning / drying / cutting / assembly / treatments / finishes all fully respect the production cycles, to guarantee a totally stabilized product that maintains its qualities for years.

In addition the the five new floor designs shown above, in 2005 Menotti Specchia decided to offer its architect the services of XiLab®: a unique in-house Research and Development Workshop which investigates unusual solutions and develops customized products for all kinds of projects. XiLab® is the natural evolution of the firm’s innate inclination for research, and means sharing of know-how and close collaboration between the worlds of design and production. Below are the flooring options created by XiLab for Menotti Specchia.

X.Graffiti 01 and X.Graffiti 02 DESIGNER: Stefano Calchi Novati.
xgraffiti wood flooring IIHIH

xgraffiti3 wood flooring IIHIH

X.Ombreluce DESIGNER: Nicola Giardina Papa
xombreluce1 IIHIH

xombreluce2 IIHIH

xombreluce3 IIHIH

X.Vibrato DESIGNER: Nicola Giardina Papa
X. Vibrato 02

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