Redoing Your Floors? Here Are Some Modern Fabulous Wood Flooring Options.

Menotti Specchia wood flooring hero IIHIH

During Salone del Mobile 2014, Menotti Specchia of Italy presented five new concepts developed in collaboration with Design-Apart. For the new designs they called in the following workshops and designers: Gio TirottoPaolo Cappello, and Studiocharlie to create handcrafted innovative Made-in-Italy solutions. Below are the five new alternatives to boring plain wood floors and a look at some of their other options. Read more

Curved Solid Wood Plank Flooring! Design Winning Waldilla

This is such a nice change from the linear wood planks and flooring you usually see. Recipient of the 2009 Red Dot Design Award for product design, Germany-based Waldilla makes subtly curved solid wood flooring available in Oak, Fumed Oak, Birch, Sycamore Maple, or American Cherry.

With just the right amount of organic curvature, it’s not enough to make you dizzy or to stand out too much, but just enough to blend and complement any style of furnishings from Victorian to Modern.

The best way to understand it to see it. So here’s a gallery of the flooring for you (images courtesy of Waldilla):

Learn more here. (site in German and English only)

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