PlasticTokyo: Bizarre Punk-Like Pinheads & Bandana Wrapped Faces.

plastictokyo 2016 spring summer collection

And in today’s WTF Fashion news, PlasticTokyo punctuates their Spring Summer 2016 collection runway show with bizarre punk-like pinheads and faces swathed in bandanas.

PlasticTokyo 2016 Collection

I always like to share the weird and wacky with you when I find it. After seeing the new PlasticTokyo 2016 Spring Summer line during its debut at Tokyo Fashion Week, it’s the styling of the runway models that caught my attention more than the actual clothes.

plastictokyo 2016 collection quad

Established in 2013 by Keisuke Imazaki, PlasticTokyo is known for their hip, colorful streetwear. The clothing line consists of bright, graphic strewn pieces with energetic patterns, purposefully clashing. Made of waterproof, wrinkle-free fabrics, it’s perfect for the edgy youth market.

And while bizarre headgear, masks, makeup and hair are not unusual on the catwalk, the most memorable and photo-worthy part of PlasticTokyo’s runway show were the bizarre headpieces designed by Kunio Kohzaki.

plastictokyo headpieces IIHIH

Several of the models heads were covered in safety pins held together with 70’s like patches of marijuana leaves, peace signs, smiley faces and the Rolling Stones’ iconic lips and tongue.

plastic tokyo pinhead 2

plastic tokyo pinhead 4

plastic tokyo pinhead 6

plastic tokyo pinhead 5

plastic tokyo pinhead 3

plastic tokyo pinhead 7

Others wore multiple bandanas of red, blue and black covering their mouths and heads like fancily folded napkins. Talk about confusing – Blood or Crip?

plastic tokyo bandana1

plastic tokyo bandana2

plastic tokyo bandana3

plastic tokyo bandana5

plastic tokyo bandana4

See the full fashions and entire collection here

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A Fashion Brand with layers of no-concept no-rule innovation, distinctively reflecting Tokyo’s modern age.

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images courtesy of fashionmag and plastictokyo