Charlie Le Mindu Haute Coiffure Will Wig You Out.

When it comes to wacky wigs, unique hairdos and avant-garde coifs, there is none more bizarre and few more creative than Charlie Le Mindu. The Bordeaux-born, London-based hair stylist, who has a private salon within Harrods, has a client roster that includes Disney and Lady Gaga. His work appears in editorials that run in the most ‘out there’ global fashion mags and his runway shows are more like performance art than models strolling down catwalks.

Charlie Le Mindu Haute Coiffure

Adjectives like ‘weird’ and ‘bizarre’ are too simple for his wigs and extensions. The complicated creations truly push the boundaries of art and design. There is no other way to explain his mind-blowing work other than to show you.

Below are several pieces from his 2013, 2014 and most recent 2015 haute couture collections.

Selections from 2015 Charlie Le Mindu Haute Coiffure
His most recent runway collection is one of his most bizarre. Barely dressed dancers performed wearing hairy pasties, prosthetic breasts, underwear with ponytails and bald caps and gimp masks strewn with long strands:
charlie le mindu 2015 1Selections from 2014 Charlie Le Mindu Haute Coiffure
In 2014, his wigs were painted with glow-in-the dark colors, creating a visual light show:
Selections from 2013 Charlie Le Mindu Haute Coiffure
2013 combined gold and tribal aspects, turning the runway models into Glamazons:

See more of his outrageously unique hair art here 
Charlie Le Mindu 

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