Digitized Bone China by STUDIOLAV and Marc Schulthess

digitized bone china

STUDIOLAV teamed up with Marc Schulthess to produce a range of products reflecting on the daily life of a contemporary household. The result was a range of digitally printed homeware generated with the aid of 3D software.

archeology /diet

Digitized Bone China

archeology /dietarcheology /diet

Two collections of fine bone china plates and mugs, Archaeology and Diet, reinterpret traditional dinnerware decorative features into a contemporary narrative commenting on the digitization of production.


The Archaeology and Diet Plates and Mugs are made with traditional methods in England’s venerable Stoke-on-Trent and sport oh-so-stereoscopic digital prints generated by 3D software.

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The large and small Archaeology plates and the Bones, Croissant and Toast Mugs can be purchased here

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