Oh Yeah, For $950 I Can Sit On Ryan Gosling’s Face! Or Any One Of These 11 Sexy Celebs.

Sit On My face Chairs

Celebrity Photographer and designer Jennifer Graylock offers “Sit On My Face” Chairs, limited edition Art Chairs of Mid-century design with seat covers featuring digitally printed images of her exclusive photographs of 11 sexy famous personalities. The bentwood inspired chairs are signed and numbered and available to purchase.

Sit On My Face Chairs

Sit On My Face Ryan Gosling (or as I affectionately call him, “The Gos”):
Ryan Gosling chair

Sit On My Face Ryan Gosling

Sit On My Face George Clooney:
Sit On My Face George Clooney

Sit On My Face Sofia Vergara:

Sit On My Face Ryan Reynolds:
Sit On My Face Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds chair

Sit On My Face Angelina Jolie:
angelina jolie

angelina jolie chair

Sit On My Face Brad Pitt:
Sit On My Face Brad Pitt

Sit On My Face Brad Pitt

Sit On My Face Jennifer Lopez:
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Sit On My Face Katie Holmes:
Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Sit On My Face Barack Obama:
Barack Obama

Barack Obama chair

Sit On My Face Anna Wintour:
Sit On My Face Anna Wintour

Sit On My Face Anna Wintour

Sit on My Face Lady Gaga:
Sit on My Face Lady Gaga

Sit on My Face Lady Gaga

Update: The Fabulous Jane Fonda was seen toting around a Ryan Gosling Sit On My Face Chair of her very own:
Sit On My Face Chairs

celebrity chairs

Jane Fonda with Ryan Gosling face chair

above images courtesy of Vulture

About the designer and photographer:
JENNIFER GRAYLOCK: Art, Celebrity, Fashion Photographer and Creator of FaceChairs.com. Renowned fashion and celebrity photographer Jennifer Graylock has had her work featured in most well known fashion and entertainment magazines; and shot campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. And now, the highly sought-after photographer is now combining her fashion, celebrity and fine arts background to create the first installment of her Face Chairs Art Series Collection.

These iconic chairs are Graylock’s humorous intent to give fans, and non-fans alike, a chance to have their very own celebrity moment. The “Face Chairs” Art Series Collection will features Jennifer Graylock’s most acclaimed celebrity and fashion icon photo picks. Each chair is then paired with a mid century-inspired bentwood chair, carefully restored, and emblazoned with exclusive photos from Graylock’s topical collection. “In creating this limited edition, signed, art statements, I select and carefully restore visually interesting vintage and modern designer chairs in a variety of shapes and pair them with celebrity images from my collection shot at pivotal moments in each figure’s life,” said Graylock. “Face Chairs” is a true expression of Graylock’s art that combines her world-class photography and love of furniture design and restoration. Her roots in furniture design extend back to helping her grandfather restore and craft furniture when she was a young child. The collection takes a creative laugh with each celebrity to become part of his or her fans home. Graylock unveiled her first iconic pieces at RAPT art&design in Naples, Florida, where she featured Oscar winner Angelina Jolie’s now notorious “leg pose” and Oscar nominee George Clooney immediately after learning of his Oscar nomination, creating international buzz from fans and non-fans alike as well as the celebrities she’s captured.

Jennifer will also create Custom chairs for you featuring photos of any member of your family, friend or pet.
Face Chairs can be custom ordered. Prices range from $200 to $6000.
To order yours today, email: [email protected]
all images courtesy of Jennifer Graylock