Ryan Gosling Still Has Nightmares About Avatar’s Title Font In Funniest SNL Skit

In what has got to be one of SNL’s funniest skits during a banner year for the television show, Ryan Gosling continues to have nightmares over the now decade-old movie’s title typeface, Papyrus. Read more

Oh Yeah, For $950 I Can Sit On Ryan Gosling’s Face! Or Any One Of These 11 Sexy Celebs.

Sit On My face Chairs

Celebrity Photographer and designer Jennifer Graylock offers “Sit On My Face” Chairs, limited edition Art Chairs of Mid-century design with seat covers featuring digitally printed images of her exclusive photographs of 11 sexy famous personalities. The bentwood inspired chairs are signed and numbered and available to purchase.

Read more

Hey Girl Goes Hardcover. Ryan Gosling Memes Get Bound In A New Book.

If the words “Hey Girl” don’t mean anything to you, you’re either not a fan of The Gos (which cannot be possible), or you must be one of the few people who never visited the blog of Danielle Henderson. Read more

Eight Pancake Portraits From Snooki To The GOS and A Video Of The Artist At Work.

Snooki as a Pancake

Artist Katherine Kalnes of La Grange, Illinois has been frying up celebrity pancake portraits with Batter Blaster (pancake batter in a can) for awhile now. The 26 year old Kalnes adds frosting for hair and blueberries, raisins and chocolate chips for the eyes. Read more