New Modern Concrete House in Madrid Resembles A Bunker. But What A Bunker!

Concrete House II

One of the most popular posts ever featured on this blog was that of a large concrete home in Poland by kwk promes, whose sliding walls and ominous exterior resembled a modern fortress. This recent project, Concrete House II, from Spain’s architecture firm, Joaquin Torres’ A-Cero, gives that sanctuary a run for its money with its wild bunker-like appearance. This modern concrete house in Madrid features giant angular planes inside and out.

Modern Concrete House in Madrid

Modern Concrete House in Madrid
modern architecture
Modern Concrete House in Madrid

Externally, the home has an austere appearance. Dark grey concrete angled walls replete with landscaping allude to an underground residence, although the home is above ground.

A Cero Madrid House
concrete architecture
Modern Concrete House in Madrid

Inside, the home has a surprising amount of light and echoes the exterior with its angular kitchen counters, desks and faceted furnishings. Along with a modern kitchen, a formal dining room, den and office, bedrooms and baths, the home has a screening room and ambient lit underground parking garage. Great attention is given to both the interior and exterior lighting, utilizing spot lighting and concealed ledge lighting.

The kitchen features very unusual counters, island, table, and range hood whose slopes and planes are reminiscent of the residence’s exterior design:
Bunker house in madrid
home in madrid kitchen island
Modern kitchen
kitchen design
kitchen table

The foyer showcases modern art and interior atriums:

The expansive living room has giant glass windows and illuminated marble coffee tables:

Formal Dining:

The screening room:



The office and study feature an angular desk, floating stairs and a modern inset fireplace:

crazy stairs in A-Cero Modern Madrid Concrete House

Driveway and parking garage entrance:
A-Cero house in madrid

The garage entrance:
garage entrance to Madrid Bunker House

The home even features a parking garage with LED lighting to guide you into your spot:

The terraced backyard:

The beautiful glowing illuminated marble coffee tables and built in ledges found in the home are by Albatros Designs and have been featured previously in this blog:
Albatros illuminated furniture

Designer Arik Levy’s mirrored rock shaped coffee tables are a perfect compliment to the homes shape:
Arik Levy Mirrored Rock coffee tables
rocks by Arik Levy

Unusual lighting treatments can be found throughout the home:
lighting treatment

More images of the exterior and landscaping:
A-cero architecture on if it's hip it's here
concrete home

Architectural plans:

All images courtesy of A-Cero.