Fetish Meets Design in 8 New Flat Packed Pony Girl Rockers

Flat=Packed Pony Girl rockers hero IIHIH

A ways back I introduced you to the original Pony Girl Rocker, the fetish Ride-On Toy for adults by Peter Jakubik. Since then Peter has designed a new, updated, silk-screened version that comes in your choice of 8 colorful variations (or plain for you to decorate as you please).

Jakubik-pony-girl-rocking-adult-toy-furniture-01above: Jakubik’s original Pony Girl Rocker came pre-assembled and was made from weathered plywood with a wax finish

In the updated version, eight different and painted graphical templates of various girls are applied on the plywood body. You can choose from the girls according to your own particular tastes. This unique designer re-edition is packaged as a “ready to assemble” product and is available to purchase on-line here. The package includes the hand-painted parts with an acrylic-urethane coating for durability. Assembly is simple.

flat pak pony rockers duo IIHIH

Jakubik gave the products names and wrote the following short descriptions for each of the 8 Pony Girls.

Alice: Cute little babe Alice combines a push-up bra and dotted tights on garter belts clipped to retro panties. The link between this stylish swing and a spicy August pin-up girl is intentional.
AliceVanda: Despite the donkey ears on the harness, Vanda is not as adamant as you would expect from the way she looks. In its wavy-trimmed negligee and eared harness she keeps standing in her place, obediently waiting for the regular evening ride.
VandaRenate: Sportswoman Renate dressed in knitted tights, running shorts and a vest reveals the graceful curves of her body. The animal mask accent highlights her passion for freedom. This cute sexy bunny may also serve as an untraditional supplementary element of interior.
RenateMia: Mia is tightly slipped into a tight catsuit, which copies and shapes the curves of her body. Thus, she hermetically locks her innocence and tames her sexual desires. Under the guise of reservedness, her passion for dressage and clear orders and rules grows stronger.
MiaJacqueline: Fille de joie Jacqueline has penchant for burlesque. Her panties, stockings, long gloves and a corset must miss ruffles in any event. At first glance she coquettishly invites you to sit in the saddle and be gently lulled.
JacquelineHelga: Helga gives a clear indication that her haggard appearance of a little beast is really not for a romantic nature. Her semi-transparent lingerie and latex stockings are held in place by a similarly toned garter belt and tightly tied by a body harness. She will definitely stand out from your collection of toys.
helgaGisele: The flexible body of Gisele the Ballerina is firmly tied by a rope maze forming an improvised body harness. She combines her delight in rope tying with a passion for scenic dance. You can transform a classic performance by your bizarre game to a “bondage” Swan Lake.
GiseleXenia: Xenia is a real girl next door without any sexual inhibitions. She hides her innocent little face under the hood joining her hair into a thick tail. Cuffs on hands and feet bond up her momentary daftness. It’s just up to you to unleash, and turn a canter to a rodeo.
Zenia DIY (Do-It-Yourself):
More experienced woodworkers may download the free template files generously donated by Jakubik here to make their own Pony Girl Rocker and paint it themselves. They are available in pdf or svg formats. Templates can be cut out of a vinyl film.

Here’s are a few examples of other one-offs by Peter (not available for sale):
inspiration 11inspiration 1

dimensions: 1200 / 1100 / 450 mm
materials: plywood, acrylic painting
concept, design and production: Peter Jakubik

Price 1095 € (approx $1320. USD), Shop for them here

all images and info courtesy of Peter Jakubik