This Girl Rocks. A Fetish Ride-On Toy For Adults by Peter Jakubik.


Peter Jakubik’s adult rocker, the Pony Girl ride-on toy, is part of his collection of modern fetish designs. Having come a ways since his first version (seen in this post which featured the designers’ high-heeled handbags), the adult rocking toy is now crafted from intentionally weathered plywood and waxed to a smooth finish. The silhouetted woman on her hands and knees is meant to be ridden.

Pony Girl Ride-On Toy

In Peter’s description of the object, in slightly broken English, he states “Pony Girl Rocker is a toy for adults shaped as a woman attached onto the rockers similar to those of a rocking chair. The rocker ironically carries a memory of boys’ games on knights, riders, conquerors or warriors and pushes it into the field of adult fantasies. It could be a great wedding gift for a newly married couples who can make a use of it as a relaxation simulator to prevent the partnership malfunction. In the context of BDSM practices it can be used as a trainer for pony play sessions. In need of humiliation, unless your wife or girlfriend do not like a pony play,  just use this toy. Pony Girl Rocker as a forgotten and again found toy as an object for adults. Old wooden surface is supposed to remind of forgotten old child’s toy found in the attic and upgraded to a fetish design object.”

What some may find humiliating, other may find as a turn on. And that’s the beauty of art.

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Peter Jakubik