By Day, It’s A Pendant Lamp. By Dark, A Designer Nightlight.

loena lantern angle day night hero IIHIH

One of the most recent products from the Netherlands’ Ontwerpduo (whose fabulous designs I’ve featured twice before) is the Leona Lantern. A suspended pendant lamp in two models that actually acts like a designer nightlight in the dark.

Loena-Lanterncollection at night IIHIH
Loena-Lanterncollection  day IIHIH

The lanterns, which come in either ‘wide’ or ‘tall’, look like clean modern cream colored shaded pendant lamps during the day. At night, in darkness, they appear to glow with geometric designs which linger for up to 8 hours. That’s because the FSC papershade is screen-printed with a special ink that charges itself throughout the day as well as from the light of the lamp. And it only takes five minutes to charge itself up.

The Wide Leona Lantern:
loena lantern wide day grey bkgd IIHIH
loena lantern wide day night hero IIHIH
loena lantern wide night IIHIH

The Tall Leona Lantern:
loena lantern tall day grey bkgd IIHIH
loena lantern tall day night hero IIHIH
loena lantern tall night IIHIH

Available in two models; comes standard with a partially 3D printed fitting.

loena lanterncollection day night hero IIHIH

Year: 2014
Size: 24 x 24 x 28,5 cm / 9,45 x 9,45 x 11,20 inch
Material: Biotop paper, 250 g
Print: Blue luminous ink
Charging: 5 minutes
Afterglow: 8 hours
Cable length: 2 m / 6,5 ft
Production: The Netherlands

Suitable for any ceiling, each product is carefully packed in a strong cardboard box with extra protection inside. This box contains a full color photo and text, which makes the packaging suitable to use as a gift box.

Recommended retail prices
Luna Lantern type High = € 79,00
Luna Lantern type Wide – € 79,00

Leona Lanterns

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